FY24 Appropriations - Tell Congress to fund the fight against poverty

April 14, 2023

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on February 27, 2023 and was last updated on April 17.

As RESULTS advocates, our mission is to inspire Congress to take meaningful actions to fight poverty. Annually, as Congress turns its focus to the “appropriations” process, we have a real opportunity to get members on the record in support of global health and development issues. 

One way we can ensure that global anti-poverty health and education programs are fully funded is by asking Congress to raise their voices on this issue with their peers through congressional “Dear Colleague” letters. We also have the opportunity to ask members of Congress to use their political power to prioritize funding for these critical anti-poverty programs. 

That’s why RESULTS’ appropriations campaign kicked off with the release of our fiscal year 2024 “Appropriations Memos.” New to this? Feel free to reach out! And you can find lots of information about the appropriations process here

FY24 Dear Colleague Letters

Senate Letters

House Letters

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