Building the Next Generation of Activists: The REAL Change Fellowship

January 30, 2014
by Carly Pildis

The activists at last year’s International Conference likely saw—and heard—RESULTS’ youth cohort, the “REAL Changers.” They made a lot of noise, and not just with their chanting. They inspired us with their stories and their commitment to fighting for the end of poverty and hunger. They made the voices of youth heard both at our conference and in the halls of Congress.

This year they will be louder than ever.

REAL Changers brought so much to the conference and to each other that we wanted to create an opportunity to keep the momentum going well beyond the conference. That’s why we are so excited to announce the REAL Change Organizing and Advocacy Fellowship to Fight Poverty.

REAL Change will now be a yearlong fellowship to prepare the next generation of young activists and leaders for fighting poverty at home and abroad. We will provide extensive training in media outreach, organizing, and advocacy. Our Fellows will learn how to build personal relationships with their Members of Congress, how to make their voices heard in the media, and how to organize others in their community to be advocates for change, all from their hometown. We are looking for activists between 18- 28 who can commit 3-6 hours a week for one year, starting with our conference in June.

The new yearlong REAL Change Fellowship is going to provide young activists with an incredible year of training, community, and action! Applications are rolling so encourage someone you know to apply today! To learn more check out

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