Awesome RESULTS Fall Fundraisers Coming Up Across the U.S.!

August 28, 2012
by Cindy Changyit Levin and Beth Wilson

RESULTS partners across the country are working hard on their fall fundraising events for RESULTS! In addition to raising money to support our campaigns and goals, these events will raise the global and domestic poverty issues as major concerns in the communities where they happen. They will shine a light on the great work RESULTS partners and staff are doing to reduce poverty and improve health, education and family self sufficiency. They will also provide an attractive on-ramp for new volunteers to join our efforts. All these objectives move us ever closer to achieving a world of justice and health. 

YOU can contribute to the success of these terrific fundraisers! If you know anyone in the following cities or surrounding areas, please put them in touch with the local groups. It’s a great way to show your long-distance friends and relations how far our reach is and how your work with RESULTS reaches their local communities. Take a look at these exciting upcoming events:

Chicago, IL Aug 26, Afternoon Fiesta with Head Start & Global Ed speakers Contact: Cindy Changyit Levin, [email protected], 773-236-7758

Seattle, WA Sept 15, House Party with Dr. Chris Dunford, Freedom from Hunger, Contact Karen Gielen, [email protected]

Bremerton/Kitsap, WA  Sept 16 Luncheon event with Dr. Chris Dunford, Freedom from Hunger, Contact: Beth Wilson, [email protected]

Anchorage, AK Sept 21 House Party with John Hatch, Founder of FINCA, Contact: Roger Hudson & Mary Martin, [email protected]

Sitka, AK Sept 22 Dinner event with John Hatch, Founder of FINCA, Contact:  Michele Friedman, [email protected]

Tacoma, WA Sept 26 Dinner event with Kolleen Bouchane, ACTION Secretariat, Contact: Phyllis Bjorkman, [email protected]

Houston, TX Oct 12, Dinner event with Dr. Jeffrey Starke, Texas Children’s Hospital, Contact David Schubert at [email protected]

Olympia, WA Dec 5 House Party with Dr. Laura Hart, Contact: Nancy Curtiss, [email protected]

WOW!  What a lot of amazing outreach and fundraising is going on in our organization!  Huge thank you’s to our beautiful, wonderful and, as Joanne would say, “brilliant” partners and volunteers.  We are grateful for both your advocacy and your work to create the resources for our transformative work to end poverty.

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