Atlanta RESULTS Engaging Big Soccer and Music Talent in Education for All

May 12, 2010
by Misty Novich and Jim McDonough

Working with the Atlanta Silverbacks

After learning about the 1Goal Campaign, Jim McDonough decided to search for little league soccer teams around the Atlanta area to attract local media attention on Education for All. But when the Silverbacks, Atlanta’s professional soccer team, came up as an idea, he decided he had nothing to lose. He e-mailed many people, some who said “no” to his offer to partner with the Atlanta RESULTS chapter, but finally got a positive response from the director of operations, Chip Russell. Jim and Misty Novitch set up a time to have coffee with Chip and explain more about RESULTS and the Global Fund for Education. Once he knew we weren’t after Silverbacks money, we developed a personal connection, discussing positive thinking, poverty reduction, our children, and evolution. At the end of the meeting we hugged, foreshadowing a great partnership for this summer soccer season.

Moving forward we will be working with the Atlanta Silverbacks this season to promote Education for All, 1Goal, and a Global Fund for Education. We will table at all their home games and have access to cheaper banners, soccer ball keychains with the RESULTS and Silverbacks logos, and thousands of constituents. We will have regular PSAs (public service announcements) at and before the games, ample media coverage, and even a half-time mini-soccer game with RESULTS partners and members of Congress (MoCs) and/or their aides playing with a blow-up soccer ball and tiny nets. This event, with its media coverage, partnership, announcements, and half-time game, will give us more credibility in the eyes of the public, the media, and MoCs. It will also help us bond with the MoCs, force MoCs to pay attention to this issue, and give us direct access to the public itself. It just takes a little audacity and confidence of purpose to make these kinds of partnerships happen! Go for the goal!

Working with the musical sensation, Flobots

If you listen to their songs, it is easy to see why the Flobots, a new, famous, socially conscious hip-hop/alternative rock group, are so widely loved. With hits such as “Handlebars” and a positive message in songs like “Stand Up,” the Flobots are inspiring excitement and action through their music. While appreciating their new album one night, RESULTS activist Ben Herr searched for the band’s personal e-mail addresses online to engage them in RESULTS issues like Education for All. Having looked into RESULTS, the band agreed to work with us! Now RESULTS Atlanta is tabling at their show in June, sharing joint PSAs, interviews, a RESULTS link and profile on their website, and maybe even speaking at their concerts.

They have already started touring the U.S., and RESULTS chapters have been invited to table at their shows around the country. This is a great opportunity! We can benefit each other — we can use their stardom by to engage the newspaper, radio, and TV media, on Education for All, and we can attract potential partners at their events. In turn, if we get their name out there in the media, they benefit in popularity! Find out when the Flobots are playing in your state and e-mail [email protected] to tell her your city, the date of the show, and some friendly, fun facts about the local chapter there so that you can squeeze the juice out of this opportunity with us! Don’t forget to listen to “Stand Up.” You can find it on iTunes. Some of their upcoming performances will be in Salt Lake City; Colorado Springs; Iowa City; Minneapolis; New York City; Philadelphia; Greenville, South Carolina; St. Petersburg; Orlando; and Tinley Park, Illinois.

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