A look at RESULTS campaigns in 2020

February 20, 2020

So what’s RESULTS up to in 2020? Even with the elections looming, our advocacy isn’t waiting around. The work of equity and justice is needed now.

As we have for 40 years, we’re asking ourselves: what’s driving poverty in this country and around the world? And where can political priority and government investment make a difference right now? In the U.S., what role should Congress play? That’s where our movement of advocates comes in – pushing Congress toward needed investments and policy changes.

Over the years, we’ve directed our advocacy toward changing tax policy, removing barriers to education, increasing government investment in global health, and more. Here are the two big campaigns we’re taking on in 2020:

A tax credit to help more families keep a roof over their heads.

Paychecks aren’t keeping up with rents. That forces millions of people in the U.S. to choose between a place to live and their other basic needs. And for some, it means not having a place to live at all.

Over the last several decades, renters’ median earnings went up 5 percent while cost of rent went up more than 60 percent. And now there’s no place in the country where someone making minimum wage can reasonably afford a two-bedroom apartment.

A renters’ tax credit could help change this.

Renters' tax credit

A renters’ tax credit would limit the amount low-income families pay for rent, so they aren’t forced into impossible choices between housing and other basics like food and healthcare. The idea has bipartisan support, and researchers at Columbia University say it could lift over 9 million Americans above the poverty line.

We already subsidize housing via our tax code by giving mortgage interest and property tax deductions to wealthier homeowners. So why not renters? Ignoring them has only let wealth inequality and the racial wealth divide get worse.

As many presidential candidates are campaigning with housing proposals and community leaders grapple with housing, RESULTS volunteers are making sure Congress takes action too. A renters’ tax credit would mean millions more Americans can afford the safe housing they deserve.

What this means for RESULTS advocates in 2020:

Congress already hears from lots of corporations and lobbyists about taxes. What they hear less about is how they can use the tax code to tackle poverty. As an advocate, that’s where you can come in.

We’ll be working to get members of Congress on the record publicly about the renter’s tax credit – whether in speeches on the floor of Congress, in the media, or in their home towns.

In an election year like this, its rare to see big pieces of federal legislation pass. But the work that happens behind-the-scenes during election years determines what happens when a new Congress arrives in Washington. By getting our representatives publicly supporting the renter’s tax credit now, we can make sure it’s a top priority when the next Congress is sworn in next year.

WATCH: More from our policy team about the Renter’s Tax Credit.

Putting a stop to preventable child deaths.

In the 1980s, the world lost a staggering 40,000 children every single day, mostly because of things that could have been prevented or cured. That number has plummeted over the last three decades, and now for the first time in human history, scientists believe it’s possible to stop these preventable deaths – for good.

Reaching the end of preventable child deaths isn’t about hoping for a big medical breakthrough or a scientific discovery (though that’d help, too). It’s about making sure that what already exists reaches the kids who need it most. And what makes that possible is financial resources and political commitment.

Despite all the progress we’ve made, right now almost 15,000 children under age five are dying each day, mostly from treatable causes like diarrhea and pneumonia. That’s 11 children every minute.

Child survival

This can’t wait. Between now and the 2020 election, Congress will have two major chances to show their leadership on child health.

In June, world leaders will come together to invest in reaching 300 million children with lifesaving vaccines, by supporting Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Then in December, they’ll come back together to recommit to the fight against malnutrition – the underlying cause of nearly half of all deaths of kids under five. On both, the U.S. government needs to do their part if the world is going to reach its goal. We’re going to work to make sure they do.

We have the science to reach the end of preventable deaths. But it is still far from guaranteed. And that’s where you come in – making sure your elected officials do what it takes to get there.

What this means for RESULTS advocates in 2020:

Over the last few years, members of Congress from both parties have quietly come together in support of global child health. It remains one of the few issues that continues to reach across the aisle. Now we’ll be pushing them to put in place the money and the policies needed this year to keep the world on track to end these deaths.

Early in the year, we’ll push for new investment through the annual government spending process (called appropriations, learn more here). And throughout the year, we’ll be pushing Congress into action on both vaccines and nutrition through new legislation, getting published in the media, and more.

WATCH: More from our policy team about our work on child survival.

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