65-Knot Winds and Boulders Doesn't Stop RESULTS Alaska!

November 23, 2009
by Eric T. Harris, Grassroots Communications Coordinator, RESULTS

Michele Friedman, our RESULTS leader from the Sitka, Alaska, RESULTS, had worked hard to plan an event called “Taste of Indonesia.” The speaker, Mark Gorman had been working for Relief International in Indonesia since the earthquake that devastated the region hit in late September of this year. His wife, Nancy, was planning to help the RESULTS crew prepare a light Indonesian dinner — for 100 people!

The group ran into a few snags due to bad weather and flight delays in Juneau, Alaska. Mark, who was scheduled to arrive midday Saturday, and Nancy, who had planned on getting in late Friday night, were both stuck at the airport — and Nancy had all of meat that was meant to be served at the dinner. Maintaining their cool, the RESULTS cooking crew did some prep work Saturday morning, but when Nancy and Mark still hadn’t made it by late that afternoon, the group realized that they’d have to make some adjustments.

Thinking on their feet, Michele and her teammates made arrangements to postpone the event until Sunday evening, same time, same place. With help from the local radio station, they were able to broadcast their change of plans throughout the day. Even so, eight guests arrived at the event location that evening. Sitka RESULTS group members greeted each guest, and explained the situation.

Because the event was held at a church, the group had a limited amount of time to continue their prep work Sunday morning. At 1:30, cooking began, for a dinner that was to be served at 6:00. Everything went smoothly, until they realized that Mark’s computer wasn’t working with the projector. But after dealing with wind, snow, and other more challenging problems, the projector was a minor issue.

Despite all of the obstacles that they were faced with, the Sitka RESULTS group persevered, and ended up hosting a very successful event. About 80 people from their small town of 8,000 came out to support them, and they were able to reach their goal of raising $5,000.

Next time you think that fundraising is too difficult, take a page out of Sitka RESULTS’ book. This event has certainly highlighted their extraordinary determination and dedication. Thanks, Sitka!

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