2023 Grassroots Board Member Election Nominations

March 20, 2023
by RESULTS Grassroots Board Members

Would you like to take leadership in shaping our community of advocates uniting to eradicate poverty and oppression? Do you know someone who would be a strong voice for guiding our organization?

We are eager to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the RESULTS & RESULTS Educational Fund Grassroots Board Member election for two seats, each serving three-year terms, starting in July 2023. Nominate someone who would be a strong voice representing RESULTS volunteers OR nominate yourself to take a bold new step in leadership. The election will be held throughout June. Nominations will close on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

The real power in shaping and guiding our organization, to lift up solutions to U.S. and global poverty, while also addressing areas of equity, comes from the grassroots. That’s why it’s so important to have the four voices of grassroots as members of the RESULTS Board. We say “everyday heroes” are what RESULTS advocates are and that’s the truth. Just the concept of a “Board” can sound intimidating though.

This commitment is a big one, we won’t lie, but it’s also one where RESULTS advocates bring real wisdom to the table. We must have accountability, dependability, and reliability in folks who choose this role. Grassroots advocate board members bring much to RESULTS leadership, but also gain a lot, as recent board member, Maxine Thomas, shared in reflecting on her two terms (2016-2022), as a board member:

“During my tenure of service to the RESULTS Board of Directors, I learned so much about the ins and outs of the work we do at RESULTS. Also, being able to share from my personal experiences and perspectives, I felt heard and respected by my peers on the board. This opportunity has opened up doors for me and now I’m able to bring my board leadership experience to other organizations that I now serve on.”

Role of the Grassroots Board Members

Grassroots Board Members play a vital role in RESULTS, representing our volunteer network on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Boards of RESULTS. These leaders provide an important bridge between the grassroots network, Board, and organization. They help connect us with what makes RESULTS unique and successful: our passionate and active grassroots members.

The board is currently being restructured and many committees are about to be renamed. Most Grassroots Board members choose to be a part of one to two committees, in addition to their participation in the Grassroots Board of Directors Committee and may be a part of the Executive Committee.

Grassroots Board Members responsibilities include:

  • Serving a three-year term on the Board.
  • Working with RESULTS leadership to shape the direction of the organization, while also advising on anti-poverty campaigns, and approving budget decisions, operational policies, and strategic plans.
  • Leading or serving on at least one committee, e.g., Board Governance, Policy and Advocacy, Development and Fundraising, or Finance and Operations Committees.
  • Attending in person the full Board meeting twice a year, which are held in Washington D.C. (financial assistance available for travel costs).
  • Participating in Executive Committee and/or monthly meetings of the Grassroots Board Member Committee.
  • Helping RESULTS reach annual fundraising goals in some capacity. Examples of assistance include: hosting a fundraising event, speaking at fundraising events, making personal donations, and identifying prospective donors.
  • Facilitating the elections of new Grassroots Board Members.
  • Ready and willing to meet the roles and responsibilities of Grassroots Board Members: Much of this is probably best conveyed in conversations with candidates, but of course the organizational Bylaws and Board Guidebook are certainly an ideal resource.

Who Should Be Nominated?

We encourage participation from any active RESULTS volunteer, including those from diverse populations, such as younger advocates, people with lived experience, and parents. Find details of Grassroots Board Member Service Criteria online here.

In short, candidates must have at least one year of active experience as a RESULTS volunteer in the United States and be:

  • a current volunteer
  • committed to the mission of RESULTS and the anti-oppression values, and
  • ready and willing to meet the responsibilities of Grassroots Board Members.

Background in terms of things like level of education or professional experience are not what we use as qualifiers to be Grassroots Board Members. Lived experience brings invaluable wisdom and that can come from anyone really. We need the perspectives of both parents and people without children of their own. We need younger voices and we need older, more experienced perspectives. We need people with lived experience who have lived a life where they have felt like every day is a fight to find stability and survive. We need people with lived experience from all different identities and walks of life.

We need people who are eager and willing to keep learning. Maybe you’ve taught yourself how to spread the word about things you’re passionate about through TikTok or Twitter. Or maybe you’re really well-versed and patient because technology has innovated so much over the years. The ways to participate and grow are seemingly endless and rewarding.

“Being a Grassroots Board Member for RESULTS was an incredibly rewarding experience for me. It increased my awareness of all parts of the RESULTS organization and broadened my perspective from my own local experience. Consequently, I’m a much better leader and coach to my own group and other grassroots members. I’m so glad I was able to participate in a way that brought the needs and voices of regular grassroots volunteers to the decision-making table and build my relationship with other people who care so deeply about RESULTS and our mission.”

– Cynthia Changyit Levin

Nominations for Grassroots Board Candidates

Nominations of candidates for the open Grassroots Board Member position must reach the RESULTS office by close of business on Wednesday, April 26. Candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by any active RESULTS grassroots member. Please email name(s) to Jesse Marsden at [email protected] and the current Grassroots Board at [email protected].

After nominations close, nominees will submit a photo, a brief RESULTS biography, a video, and a statement of intent for their service on the Board by Sunday, May 7. Candidates will introduce themselves at the RESULTS Grassroots Board Town Hall on Thursday, May 11 at 9:00 PM ET, the RESULTS June webinars.

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