2014 Friends and Family Campaign

February 3, 2014
by Cindy Levin

We’ve listened to our grassroots, we’ve analyzed the data, and we have a brand new strategy to share with you for our 2014 Friends and Family Campaign!

The Friends & Family Campaign, instead of a month-long effort, will be an ongoing campaign from February to October. Donations to RESULTS/REF solicited by volunteers via fundraising letter writing, emails, or webpages will count towards our overall $25,000 goal for personal fundraising appeals to friends and family.

Why the change?

The general feedback we’ve heard from the grassroots that led us to the change include: 

  1. Participation in fundraising is changing. More you are participating when it is best for your personal schedules.
  2. Volunteers enjoy asking their friends to give when they feel a personal connection , e.g., a birthday, running a race, holiday theme.
  3. Grassroots feedback indicates there is no overall consensus about what a “good time of year” would be for a month-long Friends & Family Campaign

How can you participate?

To help our groups and individual volunteers to fundraise at convenient times, we are creating seasonal online campaigns at three times of the year.

February: The “Valentine’s Date Night IN” campaign will invite donors to stay in for the holiday and donate the cost of a dinner out as an expression of love for the world.

June: The “Lobby Day” campaign will invite donors to vicariously join in our International Conference and Lobby Day by donating to support our lobbying and training activities.

November: “Thanksgiving Virtual Feast” campaign will highlight our nutrition work and invite donors to remember hungry people with a donation.

We also have two websites that can be used any time of year. The “RESULTS Celebration” website is for volunteers who wish to fundraise for a birthday, wedding, or other life events. The “Jen DeFranco or Cindy Levin. We’ll be happy to help you get started!

Thank you!

Thank you to all our partners who annually volunteer their energy to collectively raise thousands of dollars for RESULTS/REF with the Friends & Family Campaign. We hope the new strategy will be more fun and successful for everyone!

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