Annual Report 2020

2021 International Conference

As the world confronted an unprecedented global pandemic, RESULTS spurred action from Congress and other policymakers to address urgent needs and create lasting systemic change. Learn more about our 2020 advocacy successes below. 

2021 International Conference

Letter from the Board Chair and Executive Director

Dear friends,  

The year 2020 was marked by tragedy, loss, and isolation. At RESULTS, we have long known that poverty, racism, and global inequality were crises, but the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed many of these issues into the forefront of the national conversation — from housing and food insecurity to the disparities that leave people in the United States and globally vulnerable to disease.  

But it was also a year of greater understanding of how policies affect people’s lives and of what we can achieve with enough political will. We are so moved by what the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and donors made possible in response to this moment. In 2020, RESULTS advocates held over 500 congressional meetings and published over 700 pieces of media calling for an equitable response to the pandemic. That advocacy helped push Congress to boost nutrition and rental assistance and put a halt to evictions in the United States — and to make the biggest contribution in history to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.   

The advocacy of volunteers and staff also helped pave the way for historic legislation in the spring of 2021 that expanded the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, which was projected to slash child poverty in the United States by nearly half. It’s hard to imagine a better example of the power of advocacy and public policy.   

To each of you who played a role in these successes, whether as a volunteer or donor or both, thank you. We’ve been so inspired by all the meetings volunteers held with members of Congress and the letters to the editors published. You made an impact. And, of course, our advocacy would not be possible without generous philanthropic support.   

Despite breakthroughs, our work is far from finished. COVID-19 has dealt a massive blow to communities across the planet, and poverty, structural racism, and global inequality were crises long before the pandemic began. RESULTS is making sure policymakers see the need for bold action — not just for an emergency response, but for lasting systemic change.  

There is no question that 2020 will be a year for the history books. What we do next will help determine if history describes this year as a turning point. We’re deeply grateful for our community of donors, advocates, and partners working to make sure it does.  

Joanne signature

Dr. Joanne Carter
Executive Director

Kul Chandra Gautam  
Board Chair 

2020 Donors

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and supporters for making the successes highlighted in this report possible. Together we have helped to unlock hundreds of billions of dollars in U.S. investment in programs and policies that lift people out of poverty. 

Below we recognize all those who contributed to RESULTS in 2020 with a donation of $1,000 or more.  


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

$100,000 to $999,999

Eleanor Crook Foundation

Carl Page

Marshall+ and Pam Saunders

Gordon Irlam and Manjula Jonnalagadda and The Gordon R Irlam Charitable Foundation

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

$20,000 to $99,999


David Bodnick

Kathleen H. Close*

Economic Opportunity Funders

Roger L. Hudson

Keating Family Foundation

Ellen Kempler and Ken Rosen*

Fred Steves

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Wallace Genetic Foundation

$5,000 to $19,999

1,000 Days

Roxanne and Kip Allen


Ajay and Ritu Banga

Debbie and Hank Baskin

Dixie Camp

Anne Child*

Baird Craft

Friends of the Global Fight

Charles Gust and Lisa Lewis

Shruti Haldea and Neil Kumar

Paul LaPlante

Scott Leckman*

Cynthia Changyit Levin and David Levin*

Mary Martin

Ernest Moody

Kathryn Nelson

Alan and Ellen Newberg*

Jacques Rebibo

S. Rees and J. Winge

Stop TB Partnership

Harit and Reena Talwar

Gordana and Tomislav Vujec

$1,000 to $4,999

Steve Andre and Diana Fertsch





Bryce Arghiere

Steve Arnold and Veda Stanfield*

Kirk and Georgia Baddley

Ashish and Mimi Bali

Bank of America

Louisa Barkalow

Anna Battenhouse and John Kolts

Susan and John Beckett

Pat and James Behenna

Phyllis Behlen and Benjamin Matthews

Elizabeth Biliske and Patrick Holmes

Phyllis Bjorkman and David Corner

Sue and Russ Brennen

Paul and Kathy Brindle*

Ted and Patricia Bruno

David Burns

George Cantu


Center for American Progress

Brooks and Kate Chandler

Len and Phyllis Chorazy

Andy and Susan Clarke

Elizabeth Clerkin

Mark Coats and Peggy Stoll

Hope and Peter Cochran

William Coffey

Caren Corbett

Alexander Counts and Emily Wainwright

Heide Craig

Eliot and Patricia Daley

Sam Daley-Harris

Bruce Davidson*

Suzanne Davis and William Hornby

Kathy DeLoach

Lois Dodson

Kathleen Duncan


Gerry Fairbrother, PhD

Feeding America

Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky

Francis Beidler Foundation

Allison Gallaher

Nancy Gardiner

Abigail Garrity

Kul Gautam

Mea Geizhals and Charles Plummer

Karen and Anton Gielen

Linda G Gochfeld, M.D.

Edgar Greville and Elaine Shell

Alison Hall


Peggy Harvey and Paul Hornick*

John Hatch

Hawkins Family Fund

Robert Heyl and Margaret Minogue-Heyl

Carolyn Hickey

John and Mary Hornby

Rajesh Hukku

Martha Karnopp and James Chaput*

John and Patricia Kennish

Home for a Home

Oscar Lanzi III

Jan and Joy Linn

Laura Taylor Linn

Benjamin Loevinsohn

Ernest Loevinsohn

Jennifer Long

Susan Lorence

MadWolf Technologies

Mark A. Mayer

Steven and Loretta McGee

Barbara Mihm

Frances Moore*

Claudia Morgan and Tom Biddle

Susan Morrison

Mylestone Plans

Ram Nagarajan

Bill and Tari Nicholson

Phoebe and Dennis O’Connell

Susan Oehser*

Lynne and Samual+ Patalano

Robert+ and Lydia Pendley

Pierce Philips Family Foundation

Power of Nutrition

Velma Pressley

Prosperity Now

R Ravisankar

Lesley Reed

Rich and Reba Renner

Melessa Rogers

Dr. Amy Rossman

Bob and Barb Sample*

Ken and Linda Schatz

Nick and Debra Schatzki

Steven and Katya Scordino

Rick Sexauer

Share Our Strength

Dr. Kathryn Sherlock

Jonas Simonis and Jillian Barron

Tom and Anne Singley

Neiladri Sinhababu

Richard Smiley

Colin and Margaret Smith

Kathryn Smith

Peter Stoel and Karen Josephson

Eloise Sutherland*

Scott Swearingen

Kyle Talkington

Together Women Rise

Marc Tolo

Gagan and Manisha Toor

Cynthia Tschampl and Kimball Halsey

Janice Twombly


Ginnie Vogts

Marty and Madeline White

Beth and Paul Wilson*

Lucinda Winslow and Bill Baker

Michael Winters and Kelly Penrod

Noah Wise and Molli Rasmussen

Lester and Tammy Wyborny

*Denotes member of the RESULTS Legacy Society 

+ Denotes deceased donor 

Hear from RESULTS donors

“I come from Nepal, a beautiful country, but with very high levels of poverty. In Nepal, I personally support a number of charities and local development activities. So, people sometimes ask why I would donate to an organization like RESULTS in a rich country like America when I can directly help poor people in my own country and community.   

My answer? We can and need to do both.  

My small help can benefit a small number of people in my local community; that is wonderful. But my small help through RESULTS can influence U.S. policy and generate billions of dollars to help millions of people around the world, including in my country.”

Kul Gautam, RESULTS Board Chair, Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

Kul Guatam

“Raising funds to help a local family in need is a good cause but may not address the root of their problems. Donating to a political candidate’s election campaign may support the changes we long for too, but that’s just one voice in Congress. However, if we can address root causes of social ills by educating all of our political representatives then our efforts are multiplied ten-fold or more. I know I could always do more, reaching out to my Senators, writing letters to editors, but supporting RESULTS is another arrow in my quiver.”

Pam and Dave Auble, RESULTS Donors and Volunteers

Pam and Dave Auble

Meet a few RESULTS volunteers

Farhia Ali,

“I wasn’t expecting a member of Congress to call me out in the hallway that day, but when it happened, I was ready to talk with her directly about issues I really care about.”

Mei Sze Phung,

“When I came to RESULTS it felt like finding my second family — I was welcomed with open arms.”

Lenny Chorazy, Virginia

“I too am a different person after my 40 years with RESULTS.”

2020 action by the numbers


congressional meetings held in 2020


participants attended our International Conference


people contacted RESULTS wanting to take action


new advocates joined local RESULTS groups

A closer look at a few policy and advocacy achievements

Kali Daugherty

12 years in the making: Expansions of the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit 

Many people rightly focused on stimulus checks in the United States’ response to the COVID-19 crisis and ensuing hardship, but there was something else bundled into the relief legislation that had tremendous potential to change lives — tax credits. For RESULTS advocates, this legislation was over a decade in the making.

The evidence has always been clear that the federal tax code can play a crucial role in supporting families to move out of poverty and shrinking the racial wealth gap.  

For more than a decade, RESULTS has pushed policymakers to understand the enormous impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) — and how to increase that impact even more. 

Back in 2009, in the middle of the great recession, RESULTS advocates and others got Congress to expand the EITC and CTC. Those credits helped put money in the pockets of more than seven million people that year alone — but Congress made the changes only as a one-time adjustment that was set to expire after a year. 

RESULTS and our partners kept working to remind Congress that poverty was already an emergency before the recession and that allowing the expansions to expire would make the problem worse. We worked to get those temporary changes to the tax code extended, and then extended again. Then in 2015, Congress finally made the changes permanent — changes that benefited 50 million people — in a package passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. 

We’ve always known that there was further to go by expanding the EITC and CTC to allow more people to move out of poverty. And in 2020, we were determined to see expansions of the EITC and CTC included in COVID-19 relief legislation to help millions of families through the economic crisis. 

As policymakers debated how to provide COVID-19 relief during summer 2020, Kali Daugherty (pictured above), a RESULTS Expert on Poverty and RESULTS Fellowship alum, spoke to Congress about the transformative impact of the EITC. Meanwhile, RESULTS advocates all across the country were building on our years of advocacy to move Congress into action.  

After the tireless effort of advocates in RESULTS’ nationwide network, including Kali, Congress passed sweeping COVID-19 relief legislation at the start of 2021 that expanded the EITC and CTC. Millions more families gained access to these resources, putting the U.S. on track to cut child poverty in half in 2021. But these transformational changes were only temporary, which means RESULTS advocates are right back to work to make them permanent.  


Global pandemics call for a global response 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused near universal disruption, and communities already pushed to the margins faced even greater risks, both in the United States and globally. Meanwhile, communities around the world continued to face the threat of other infectious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. Building on years of advocacy on global health and poverty, RESULTS advocates pushed Congress to fund series of global responses. 

Well before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, RESULTS volunteers were on Capitol Hill talking with members of Congress about global health. And despite 2020 being the fourth straight year that the White House proposed cuts to funding for global health and poverty programs, RESULTS volunteers pushed Congress to not only reject those cuts but to increase funding. 

As the year began, RESULTS volunteers convinced the highest-ever number of congressional leaders to sign on to letters supporting funding for global health. Congress responded by allocating nearly $4 billion in annual spending for global tuberculosis, education, nutrition, and more for millions of people around the world. Thanks to our more than 15 years of building bipartisan support for global vaccine equity, RESULTS also helped Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, exceed its global fundraising target by over a billion dollars. With that support, Gavi can now deliver on its plan to support countries to reach more than 300 million children with lifesaving vaccines against measles, polio, pneumonia, and more. 

Yet despite that show of congressional support early in the year, Congress was slow to act further to provide international COVID-19 relief. RESULTS advocates jumped into action, knowing that a global pandemic calls for a global response, and they pushed for Congress to do its part globally

After months of grassroots advocacy, a bipartisan bill in December committed $4 billion for global COVID-19 vaccine access — more than ten times the annual U.S. contribution and the single biggest U.S. commitment to an international health body ever

RESULTS volunteers followed this up by successfully advocating for another landmark global investment — another $3.5 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in early 2021. Those resources ensured access to lifesaving treatment for millions of people affected by the three diseases and scaled up the global response to COVID-19. 

Still, we know that the global COVID response remains vastly underfunded and the need to address inequities in access to health care has not abated. As Congress turns to what’s ahead, we will show them the need not just for temporary measures or modest progress, but for lasting change. 

COVID-19 relief: A year of standing with communities hit hardest by COVID-19 

Throughout an incredibly tough year, RESULTS advocates played a key role in pushing for relief for the communities hardest hit by the virus and economic shutdowns — here in the United States and around the world.

When the reality of the global COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold in the United States in mid-March of 2020 and daily life for hundreds of millions of people changed drastically, RESULTS advocates didn’t skip a beat.  

Throughout an arduous year of emergency policymaking and threats to global progress against poverty, our volunteers played a key role in pushing for relief for the communities hardest hit by the virus and the resulting economic shutdowns. 

In 2020 alone, RESULTS volunteers held more than 500 congressional meetings and published over 700 pieces of media calling for an equitable COVID-19 response. Their advocacy persisted throughout the year, from pushing Congress to dedicate billions of dollars to global relief to holding one-on-one meetings with House and Senate staffers in the final hours of December to boost nutrition support. 

After the first COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and start of the economic crisis, RESULTS volunteers got right to work to shape the response from Congress. Quick work with congressional staff on the first bipartisan relief bill helped secure $12 billion for housing support for families struggling to pay rent.  

As Washington dragged its feet on the next step of COVID relief, RESULTS advocates increased the pressure. They published hundreds of pieces of media calling for an equitable pandemic response. They met with members of Congress and congressional staff online week after week, calling for a halt to evictions, $25 billion in emergency rental assistance, a 15% boost to SNAP to help families put food on the table, stronger tax credits for low-income workers, and more funding for the global response. They helped influence proposals in both the House and the Senate and ultimately saw the final relief deal at year-end include all five of these key investments. 

RESULTS’ work in 2020 helped lay the groundwork for the transformational COVID relief bill passed in early 2021, including key changes to the tax code that cut child poverty nearly in half in the United States.  

Our work is far from finished. Our advocacy, resolve, and ambition for transformative policy has only grown stronger because we know that hundreds of millions of people continue to live on the brink. We won’t be content with a short-term emergency response, and we’ll keep pushing for equity-promoting policies that undo the forces of racism, colonialism, and oppression that drive poverty and injustice.

First virtual International Conference

In June 2020, advocates, donors, and supporters joined together (from home) for the first-ever virtual RESULTS International Conference. More than 800 people from 25 countries across the globe united over their mutual passion for fighting poverty and taking action for social good.

RESULTS virtual conference
Georges Budagu Makoko

Voting is just the beginning

“Voting is so critical,” writes Georges Budagu Makoko. But the RESULTS advocate adds, “Civic engagement isn’t just voting. It’s not just knowing how the government works. It’s remembering that Congress works for us, and then making sure they do their jobs. That’s what advocacy is all about.”

RESULTS Pittsburgh unites against poverty

They started out as six people in Pittsburgh, PA with a passion for making the world a better place. RESULTS brought them together and proved the power of a collective voice. Together, they have learned about the force of advocacy and formed meaningful relationships along the way.

Pittsburgh Group

Remembering champions

In 2020, we faced enormous loss in our global community and in the fight against poverty. Read remembrances of two heroes in our movement — Representative John Lewis, an icon of the civil rights movement, and Marshall Saunders, founder of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Remembering Rep. John Lewis

Remembering Marshall Saunders

2020 Annual Report Financials

FY2020 Total Budget: $8,485,666

2020 Annual Report Financials: Expenses

2020 Board of Directors


Kul Gautam
Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

Executive Committee

Lily Callaway
Grassroots Board Member

Joanne Carter
Ex Officio
Executive Director, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund

Sam Daley-Harris
Founder, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund

Willie Dickerson
Grassroots Board Member

Ernie Loevinsohn
Issues Committee Chair
Executive Director, Fund for Global Health

Steve McGee
Grassroots Board Member

Lindsay K. Saunders
Grassroots Board Member

Maxine Thomas
Grassroots Board Member

Qiana Torregano
Grassroots Board Member

Jan Twombly
Finance and Audit Committee Chair

President, The Rhythm of Business

Board of Directors Members

Pankaj Agarwal
Managing Director, ReCubed Consulting

Roger Hudson
Fundraising Committee Chair

Scott Leckman
M.D., F.A.C.S.

Marian Wright Edelman
President, Children’s Defense Fund

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Founder, Grameen Bank

Ashish Bali
Adviser and Consultant
Former Global CFO, Deloitte

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