2018 Annual Report

2018 International Conference

RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed everyday people who use their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty. See what you made possible in 2018.

2018 International Conference
Our Structure

RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed everyday people. Together we use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty.

Our Work

Since 1980, RESULTS advocates have helped pass groundbreaking legislation and secure billions of dollars in funding to address poverty.

Our Campaigns

We work to advance health, education, and economic opportunity for all in the U.S. and globally.

A letter from the Board Chair and Executive Director

Dear friends,

The start of 2018 brought with it a White House budget proposal that again slashed funding for global poverty programs. A few months later, a new bill moving through Congress threatened to take away food assistance from two million low-income people across the country.

Our advocates were undaunted. Because that’s the difference with grassroots advocates: pundits may attempt to predict the future, but advocates get out and shape it.

By year end, the U.S. actually increased funding for key global poverty programs. Congress came together in a bipartisan way to protect food assistance and children’s health insurance for low-income Americans. World leaders committed to reaching 40 million people with lifesaving treatment for tuberculosis, a global disease of poverty. And much more.

Passionate, committed volunteer advocates remain the heart of RESULTS. Even as the country and the world face unprecedented new threats, these grassroots advocates are showing what’s possible. They’re doing it with their courage, their persistence, and their commitment to working across the political spectrum toward the end of poverty.

As New York Times columnist David Bornstein put it, “If you’re looking to bolster participatory democracy in the United States today, you’d be hard-pressed to find better guidance than the experiences of RESULTS volunteers.”

Thank you for your support to make all of it possible.

Joanne signature

Dr. Joanne Carter
Executive Director

Kul Chandra Gautam  
Board Chair 

Meet our volunteers

Micha Chishti

“You get to remind your members of Congress that they work for you.”

Shams Al-Badry

“I’d say if you’re considering getting involved with RESULTS, just do it.”

Sandy Duckert

“It all comes down to advocacy.”

A look back at 2018

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RESULTS volunteers are now raising their voices in all 50 states
Clara Moore with her daughter on Capitol Hill

Standing up for SNAP

When SNAP (formerly food stamps) was threatened, you pushed back with countless calls, letters, and more than 260 pieces of media. Your persistence paid off: in December 2018, Congress passed a bipartisan farm bill that protects SNAP. The difference between the proposed cuts and the final bill is a difference of more than 9 billion meals for low-income people across the country.

“It’s time to break the destructive narrative around SNAP and other assistance programs. But to do that, we need to step back and examine our own assumptions about those living in poverty. We need to reject patronizing, counterproductive policies that don’t help anyone work or live.” – RESULTS Expert on Poverty Clara Moore (left) in a CNN op-ed.

Capitol Dome

Reversing proposed cuts to global anti-poverty programs

When the White House proposed severe cuts to global anti-poverty programs for a second consecutive year, you once again fought back. After months of dogged advocacy, Congress reversed the extreme cuts and even increased funding for some programs.

Education in Tanzania

You helped secure the biggest ever global investment in education

After a sustained campaign by RESULTS advocates across the globe, world leaders gathered in Senegal and made the biggest ever global commitment to fund education. Low-income and conflict-affected countries pledged a majority of the funds, with donor countries pledging an additional $2.3 billion to the Global Partnership for Education over three years. Meanwhile, Congress made the biggest-ever annual contribution to the Global Partnership, building on years of advocacy.

Letter writing

Making our #LettersGetLOUD in 2018

You kicked off 2018 by writing hundreds of letters and personally delivering them to members of Congress as part of our #LettersGetLOUD campaign.

Some of you were inspired to get creative. In Omaha, longtime RESULTS volunteer Frances Moore decided to forgo a typical gathering with cake and presents for her 75th birthday. Instead, she threw a “purposeful party” at her church to support #LettersGetLOUD. Her guests ended up generating over 400 letters asking their members of Congress to protect funding for critical anti-poverty programs around the world. Then, another volunteer with the RESULTS Omaha group hand-delivered the letters to their senators and representatives during a trip to Washington, DC.

All across the country — from Omaha to Miami to Houston — you mobilized your communities in the fight against poverty, expanded the RESULTS movement, and built powerful new relationships with members of Congress.

Qorabaeva being treated for tuberculosis

Demanding action on tuberculosis

Together with ACTION partners around the world, you have spent years demanding bold action on tuberculosis, the world’s biggest infectious killer. In September 2018, your efforts culminated in the first-ever high-level UN meeting on TB, where world leaders committed to reaching 40 million people with treatment by 2022. Meanwhile, leaders in the House and Senate responded to your calls to increase funding for tuberculosis by more than $40 million.

‘No one should ever have to choose between feeding their family and staying in this country.’

When the Trump administration proposed a rule that would deny permanent residency to immigrants who receive federal assistance, you spoke out. In addition to leaving official comments against the rule, you published more than 50 letters in newspapers across the country, from Montana to Pennsylvania to New Mexico.


‘Every child deserves a chance to grow up healthy’

In early 2018, funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program — which covers nearly nine million kids and pregnant women at low or no cost — hung in the balance. It was a situation that directly impacted Kali Dougherty (right), a RESULTS volunteer and Expert on Poverty.

“Parents shouldn’t be forced into debt or bankruptcy just so their kids can get the care they need. No child should go without care simply because it’s too expensive. And families shouldn’t be left in agonizing limbo, not knowing if a child’s life-saving treatment or medication will continue to be covered,” Kali wrote in a call to action.

So when CHIP was in danger, together with RESULTS advocates and partners across the country, Kali insisted that Congress take immediate action. A short time later, they did, and CHIP was fully reauthorized for another five years.

What your advocacy made possible in 2018

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Thank you!

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and supporters for making the stories in this report possible. By investing in RESULTS advocacy, you have a huge, out-sized impact. Every $1 you donate drives at least $100 in U.S. funding to fight poverty. You are making the end of poverty a reality!


Pankaj Agarwal and Sapna Mahwal

David and Katie Bodnick

Gordon Irlam and Manjula Jonnalagadda

Ellen Kempler and Ken Rosen

Anonymous (1)

Kathleen H Close (Leader for Action)

Nick Craig (Leader for Action)

Roger L. Hudson (Leader for Action)

Alan and Ellen Newberg

Michol O’Connor

Ken and Linda Schatz (Leader for Action)

Fred and Courtney Steves

Anonymous (2)

Roxanne and Ward Allen

Debbie and Hank Baskin

Paul and Kathy Brindle

Dixie Camp

Joanne Carter and Geoffrey Barron

Anne and Garry Child

Melinda Correll

John and Mary Hornby (Leader for Action)

Paul Hornick and Peggy Harvey

Martha Karnopp and James Chaput

Oscar Lanzi III

Scott Leckman

Mary Martin (Leader for Action)

Jeff Olson

Lynne and Samual Patalano

Lydia and Robert Pendley

S. Rees and J. Winge

Rich and Reba Renner

Bob and Barbara Sample

Kathryn Sherlock

Janice Twombly

Susan Vanderberg

Gordana Vujec

Anonymous (7)

Anna and Mark Amarandos

Steve Andre and Diana Fertsch

Judy and Jim Arbogast (Leader for Action)

Steve Arnold and Veda Stanfield

S. Ashish Bali

Louisa Barkalow

Susan and John Beckett

Kathi Beery

Pat Behenna

Phyllis Behlen and Benjamin Matthews

Phyllis Bjorkman

Julia M. Bolz

Ronald Borovec and Rochelle Goldberg

James Brown

Ted and Patricia Bruno

David Burns

Len and Phyllis Chorazy

Bill and Paula Clapp

Andy and Susan Clarke

Liz Clerkin

Mark Coats and Peggy Stoll

Alexander Counts and Emily Wainwright

Sam Daley-Harris

Nancy and Tom Daly

Don and Nancy Daniels

Karen and Bruce Davidson

Lois Dodson

Patricia L. Dombrink

George Donart

Kathleen Duncan

Peter and Sharon Fiekowsky

Jim Ford and Melinda Lightsey-Ford

Leon and Doris Galloway III

Nancy Gardiner

Kul Chandra Gautam

Mea Geizhals and Charles Plummer

Karen and Anton Gielen

Frank Gilbert

Edgar Greville and Elaine Shell

Charles Gust and Lisa Lewis

Jim and Linda Hargrove

Robert Heyl and Margaret Minogue-Heyl

Laurie Kalember

John and Patricia Kennish

Jan and Joy Linn

Laura Linn

Bill and Maud Lipscomb

Ernest Loevinsohn

Jennifer Long

Susan Lorence

Ivan and Marian Lyddon

Keith and Dianne Marsden

Eric McCallum and Robin Smith

Steven McGee

Barbara Mihm

Gwendolyn Miller

Frances Moore

Claudia Morgan

Ram Nagarajan

Gabrielle Napolitano

Bill and Tari Nicholson

Susan Oehser

Lisa Peters

Carolyn Prouty (Leader for Action)

Anita Rose and Neal Perrine

Amy Rossman and Christian Feuillet

Steven and Katya Scordino

Jerline and Alan Searle

Rick and Marcie Sexauer

Joan Shook and Jeffrey Starke

Jillian Barron and Jonas Simonis

Anne and Tom Singley

Neiladri Sinhababu

Betsy Skipp

Richard A. Smiley

Margaret and Colin Smith

James and Melinda Stephenson

Peter Stoel and Karen Josephson (Leader for Action)

Eloise Sutherland

Manisha and Gagan Toor

Cynthia Tschampl and Kimball Halsey

Ginnie Vogts

Marty and Madeline White

Paul and Beth Wilson

Paula Zwagerman

Anonymous (3)

ACC Telecom

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Becton, Dickinson and Company

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund

Center for American Progress Action Fund

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation


Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI)

Eleanor Crook Foundation

Feeding America


Francis Beidler Foundation

Friends of the Global Fight

The Gordon R Irlam Charitable Foundation

Golden & Cohen

Harmon, Curran, Spielberg, & Eisenberg, LLP

Hawkins Family Fund

Johnson and Johnson

Keating Family Foundation

MadWolf Technologies

Maximilian Kolbe Secular Franciscan Fraternity

MD Close Foundation

MomsRising Together

Mylestone Partners

Nutrition International

Open Society Foundations

Prosperity Now

Raptim Humanitarian Travel

Rise Against Hunger

The Seattle Foundation

Share Our Strength

Singing for Change Charitable Foundation Inc.

Six Half Dozen

Stop TB Partnership

TB Alliance


Wallace Genetic Foundation

The Williams Family Trust

2018 Annual Report Financials

FY2018 Total Budget: $11,565,919

2018 Board of Directors


Kul Gautam
Former Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

Executive Committee

Joanne Carter 
Ex Officio 
Executive Director, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund 

Sam Daley-Harris 
Founder, RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund 

Ernie Loevinsohn 
Issues Committee Chair 
Executive Director, Fund for Global Health 

Maxine Thomas
Grassroots Board Member 

Jan Twombly 
Finance and Audit Committee Chair 
President, The Rhythm of Business 

Beth Wilson
Secretary, Grassroots Board Member   

Qiana Torregano 
Grassroots Board Member 

Steven McGee 
Grassroots Board Member 

Willie Dickerson 
Grassroots Board Member 


Pankaj Agarwal 
Managing Director, ReCubed Consulting 

Valerie Harper 

Roger Hudson 
Fundraising Committee Chair 

Scott Leckman 
M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Marian Wright Edelman
President, Children’s Defense Fund

Professor Muhammad Yunus
Founder, Grameen Bank

Ashish Bali
Adviser and Consultant

All Board members are independent, voting members except for our executive director, Joanne Carter, a non-voting member and employee of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund.

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