Working with the Community

April 28, 2009

RESULTS activists partner with New Orleans OperaThinking about starting a RESULTS group in your community? Or just want to get the word out about RESULTS’ issues? Learn how to talk about your issues locally, and how to build a coalition where you live!

Milestones for Working with Your Community

  1. Host a Table in your Community to Share the Word about RESULTS.

  2. Organize a Letter-Writing Meeting in Your Community.

  3. Speak to a Local Community Group about RESULTS and/or One of Our Issues.
  4. Train a Local Community Group in Advocacy.

  5. Host a Successful Outreach Meeting to Engage New Activists.

  6. Create, Manage, and Activate a Community Action Network of Grassroots and Grasstops Activists.

  7. Organize an Educational Site Visit to Communities Affected by Poverty.
  8. Organize a Monthly Letter-Writing Meeting in Your Community. 
  9. Conduct a Friends and Family Fundraising Campaign.
  10. Organize a RESULTS Fundraiser.
  11. Build a Coalition of Community Allies.
  12. Organize a Community Forum on a RESULTS Issue.

See our complete Activist Milestones Toolkit for a comprehensive guide to actions you can take to challenge yourself and make a difference.

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