Starting New Groups

May 26, 2009

Picture yourself saving the lives of over 4 million children by 2015. Imagine being able to provide quality education to the 72 million primary school-aged children who currently don’t have access to school programs. Visualize yourself creating a community that educates and supports each another while making a profound difference in the world.

Everyday people do this every day with RESULTS.

RESULTS groups work to create the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. Everyday people join RESULTS to learn how to speak to their members of Congress, the media, and their community on ways our legislature can act and help make poverty a thing of the past. We link likeminded people and create the political will to make a better world.

Want to talk about getting a RESULTS group started in your area? Email Mary Peterson at [email protected].

Group Start Resources

For New Activists
Mapping Template (Discover the resources to start a group in your community.)

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