Partner Agreements

July 21, 2009

A RESULTS partner, like any other partner in life, is committed to the success of the endeavor: in our case, to creating the political will to end hunger and poverty. Partners are asked to contribute their special gifts, skills, and experience to having their group be effectively moved toward RESULTS’ goals.

As a RESULTS partner, you agree to:

  1. Attend the national conference call, or if circumstances don’t permit that, to listen to a recording of the call; and to participate with your group in speaking the issue and writing the letter for the month.
  2. To meet with your group or team twice each month to plan and implement activities that will have your elected officials become leaders and spokespersons for ending hunger and poverty.
  3. To be in regular communication with your group or team leader for mutual support on projects.
  4. To contribute (or raise for contribution) $35 per year, which covers the cost of membership in RESULTS. As a group, your agreement is to raise the equivalent of $100 per month — or $1,200 a year in monthly sponsors. This covers a share of staff time, costs of the conference calls and mailings — the basic costs that go into supporting your group.
  5. To practice powerful speaking and plan with your group 4 public meetings a year to invite others to become RESULTS partners and monthly sponsors

And in the beginning:

To learn the information on the Basics audio or transcript and be able to speak it clearly to a RESULTS partner.

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