Group Building and Leadership

April 28, 2009

Texas RESULTS partners at International ConferenceRESULTS’ success over the past three decades is due largely to our our local groups, or chapters, and the extensive support structure we have created for them. With the support of the group and the larger RESULTS network, activists who start with no experience can become highly effective, savvy activists who are knowledgeable about policy and bold about making change happen.

This section of the website provides tools and information to sustain and grow the movement to end poverty.

  • Sustaining Groups has strategies to keep your group active, as well as a Welcome Packet for new partners.
  • Growing Groups includes resources to encourage new activists to join your group.
  • Growing the Network helps you create a community action network with activities ranging from hosting an event table to speaking publically about RESULTS.
  • Fundraising has toolkits for the Friends and Family Campaign and other fundraising events, as well as helpful materials and forms.
  • RESULTS Core Values shares the five values that guide the actions of our staff and volunteer activists.
  • Group Resources and Admin has documents and outreach/marketing materials to track and grow your group.
  • Starting New Groups invites you to join our expansion team.

You can also find activists in your area, refresh your knowledge of the RESULTS Basics, print out brochures and other outreach materials, and read inspiring stories about activists learning and making a difference.

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