Global Weekly Update March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

Top Action: Appropriations Requests Still The Priority 

2013 will be a challenging year for global poverty issues with mandated spending ceilings, so we’ll need to work hard to ensure that cuts are not made to programs that matter most to those at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. We’ve done some great work already with a number of sign on letters in the House – one on TB, one on the Global Fund and PEPFAR, another on Child Survival and Maternal Health (open through March 20). Check out our progress on these on our blog.

Now it’s time to take serious action in the Senate. Though we’ll be taking action on appropriations throughout the summer, it’s important to take action by specific dates outlined by the various appropriations sub-committees. The Foreign Operations Sub-Committee of Appropriations in the Senate has asked all senators to submit their official written input to them by 3/29, which means that Senate offices will set deadlines in the coming week or so in order to organize constituent input (check with your senators’ offices on deadlines).

2-minute Action: Use our online action alert on 2013 appropriations to ask your senators and representatives to prioritize funding for programs that reach the poorest.

5-minute Action: Call the Congressional Switchboard ((202) 224-3121), ask for your senators’ offices and leave the following message: “We need to prioritize foreign assistance programs that reach the poorest and make effective use of our investments. I would like the senator to write to the chair and ranking member of the foreign operations sub-committee of appropriations and ask them to include the following priorities for 2013 (choose 1 or 2):

  • $1.65 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria
  • $125 million for the Global Partnership for Education
  • $145 million for the Global Alliance for vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI)
  • $650 million for bilateral TB
  • $500 million for microfinance.”

15-minute Action: Call the Congressional Switchboard ((202) 224-3121), ask for your senators’ offices, ask to speak to the aide in charge of foreign policy. Make the same request as the five-minute action. Ask if the senator will take the action and wait for an answer. If you don’t get the aide in person, leave a voicemail message.

Learn more about our appropriations requests on our website.

Action #2: Highlight the Hill Briefings Happening This Week in Advance of World TB Day

There are two briefings on TB happening this week for World TB Day – one in the House, one in the Senate. This is a great opportunity to encourage the people who represent you, the people who work for you, to learn more about an issue you care about. Call your representative’s office to see if your legislator or his/her aide attended today’s briefing and would want to discuss it with you. And contact your senators’ offices right away, asking to speak to the foreign policy aide and invite him/her personally.

Details on the March 20 House TB Briefing, co-sponsored by RESULTS.

March 21 Senate TB Briefing Invitation: Sponsored by RESULTS. Four great speakers are slated to appear, and lunch will be served.

International Conference Coming July 21-24, featuring Marianne Williamson!

That’s right folks, spiritual author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson, will be leading a one-day seminar as part of the RESULTS International Conference. The seminar is entitled: Creating a Politics of Compassion: A Day-long Seminar on Turning Love into a Political Force. This will be great training and preparation for other conference highlights. Learn more about the conference and register online.

  • Saturday July 21:
    Marianne Williamson’s seminar: Creating a Politics of Compassion: A Day-long Seminar on Turning Love into a Political force
    A track on creating a more powerful movement for the end of poverty
    Conference Opening Celebration
  • Sunday July 22:
    Advocacy Bootcamp for beginner and advanced advocates to build our advocacy skills
    International AIDS Conference Global Village experience in the evening.
  • Monday July 23:
    Issue training from the experts
    Preparation to take our message to Capitol Hill
  • Tuesday July 24:
    Lobby Day on Capitol Hill
    Possible AIDS march
    Reception for RESULTS US, RESULTS International, conference participants, Members of Congress
  • Wednesday July 25 (optional extra day):
    Continued lobbying on Capitol Hill
    Visits to International AIDS Conference Global Village

Also, we are gearing up to start our International Conference sponsorship outreach and wanted to offer you the opportunity to provide input. If you know any organizations or corporations that would want to partner with RESULTS to help sponsor the conference, please contact Jamila White for more information.

Friends & Family Fundraising: We’re Over Halfway and Doing A-OK!

Thank you to Friends & Family fundraisers who have brought us to over $15,000. We’re over halfway to our goal just past our midway point. This news is a great conversation starter on the phone and reason to send out an e-mail, facebook, Twitter reminder. Here’s a sample post you can use: “RESULTS is halfway to our Friends & Family fundraising campaign $30K goal. Help us end poverty and donate by 3/31.”

Don’t forget to visit our blog on social media tips or contact Cindy Levin for help. You can also read this honest testimonial by Jim Driggers of Contra Costa, California, to help you find solidarity in this challenging, rewarding work of fundraising. 

Margaret Smith of Dallas and Phyllis Behlen of Coastal Connecticut are still battling it out for the top place in our online fundraising contest, and their teams are neck-and-neck as well. Thank you every one of our fundraisers! As with our lobby requests, you’re asking on behalf of people who have no one else to speak for them. So be bold on behalf of the people we’re helping.

As two of the world’s wealthiest nations, we embrace our responsibility as leaders in the development that enables people to live in dignity, health and prosperity. Even as we redouble our efforts to save lives in Somalia, we’re investing in agriculture to promote food security across the developing world. We’re working to improve maternal health and end preventable deaths of children. With a renewed commitment to the lifesaving work of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, we see the beginning of the end of the AIDS pandemic.

                                                              -Barack Obama and David Cameron in Washington Post op-ed; March 13, 2012


March-May: Global Poverty Project 1.4 Billion Reasons presentations

March 20-21: Congressional briefings on TB. See details in the update’s top segment.

March 24: World TB Day

March 31: RESULTS Texas Regional Conference. Contact Anne Child for more information.

March 31: Friends & Family Fundraising Campaign officially ends (but you don’t have to quit if you aren’t done!)

April 4: RESULTS Introductory Call. 9 pm ET. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call.

April 14: Joint national conference call with domestic grassroots highlighting education! 2:00 pm ET. Dial (888) 409-6709 a few minutes before the call.

April 20: RESULTS Introductory Call. 1 pm ET. Contact us with any questions and RSVP for the call.

April 22: RESULTS National Outreach Event on Education for All

April 22-28: Global Action Week for Education for All

July 21–24RESULTS International Conference in Washington, DC

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