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April 28, 2009

RESULTS training was great because it broke it all down into easy steps. We learned we can do such simple things, like writing letters and calling editors and members of Congress. It helps you realize that literally anyone can do this. 

— Bethany Weller

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None of the great social movements of our time occurred until the political will was great enough to demand a shift in public policy. The civil rights movement in the 1960s and the women’s suffrage movement are examples of the power of political will being generated by active citizens. Yet many of us today feel powerless to make a difference. Voting statistics show that by and large only about 50 percent of Americans vote in presidential elections and even less, around 38 percent, vote in elections for the Senate and House of Representatives.

RESULTS has devised methods of training, coaching, and supporting individuals to overcome resignation about their ability to make a difference, to powerfully voice their opinions to their elected representatives, and to work strategically with others in local chapters to build public support for ending hunger. Our volunteers get trained on the issues, meet with members of Congress in face-to-face meetings, talk with congressional staff, write letters to their representatives, and write and publish letters to the editor and op-ed pieces in local papers. They hold public forums and work with the media to generate editorials that educate the public and elected officials about the importance of these issues and solutions that work. Watch our "Everyday Heroes" Informational Video to see RESULTS volunteers talk about their experiences.


Learn the Basics about RESULTS: who we are and how we work!

At RESULTS, we welcome anyone with a passion for justice and hunger to make a difference. Even if you are brand new to advocacy or never heard of RESULTS before, we are glad you found us. To help you get to know RESULTS better, we have the following resources available to you.

RESULTS Introductory Calls. There is no better way to learn about RESULTS than to talk to someone in real time. Each month, we hold RESULTS Introductory Calls, 30-45 minute calls designed to allow people new to RESULTS to interact with our staff and get to know us better. This is the perfect starting point for new activists. The calls are genrally held the first Wednesday and third Friday of each month. All are welcomed. CLICK HERE to register for an upcoming RESULTS Intro Call.

You can visit the RESULTS Events Calendar for our latest Introductory Call schedule.

RESULTS Overviews. More of a visual learner? Check out our helpful What is RESULTS?Advocacy 101, and The Legislative Process/How a Bill Becomes a Law primers. 

RESULTS Basics Training. For years, RESULTS has provided new and existing volunteers the opportunity to learn about RESULTS from the experts – our staff and volunteers. Our RESULTS Basics Training series will walk you through all the basic information you need about RESULTS, our work, and our volunteers. Below are audio recordings of our Basics Training, as well as links to written transcripts of each recording. Enjoy!

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