December 2023/January 2024: Write a letter to the editor on the End Tuberculosis Now Act

November 30, 2023

At a fall United Nations High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis, the world declared bold goals for stemming the tide of the TB epidemic, and the United States made new specific commitments as well. The End Tuberculosis Now Act will embolden the commitment to those goals and more. We need to see its passage. A letter to the editor can help. Use our newest Action Sheet to craft and submit your personalized letter to the editor on this crucial issue. (Word version)

And if you’re inspired to write on a second issue, take a look at our Action Sheet highlighting House passage of the READ Act on global education. (Word version)

Use our Action Workshop Agenda (Word version) to host a meeting where you can inspire others to action in your community.

December 2023 and January 2024 Write a letter to the editor on the End Tuberculosis Now Act

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