December 2022: Keep generating media on the End TB Now Act

December 1, 2022

Congress has returned to Washington to wrap up its work for the year. While most of the attention will be focused on passing a budget, there is a vital issue that needs immediate action.  

For decades, tuberculosis has been the world’s deadliest infectious disease. In only the last two years has its death rate been eclipsed by COVID-19. But the two diseases are inexorably intertwined. The fight against COVID-19 around the world has made the fight against TB harder. Building on our media work in November, keep working to get letters to the editor published in your local paper, calling for action on this crisis. The End TB Now Act can make a difference; write today! (Word version)

Use our Action Workshop Agenda (Word version) to host a meeting where you can inspire others to action in your community.

2022 12 Global Poverty Action (TB Bill Media)

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