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Millions of households across the United States, especially those living in poverty, are feeling the effects of high rents. Too many people in our communities are just one emergency away from being evicted or losing their homes — and they often must make hard choices between paying rent and paying for other necessities like food, healthcare, or childcare.  

RESULTS advocates are mobilizing our communities to show our members of Congress that it needs to take action to make housing affordable, and you can add your voice. Even for many people living in poverty, working hard and as many hours as possible are not enough to afford rent. With rents rising, we’re seeing more and more people experience homelessness. Congress needs to do more to make housing affordable for all.

We must address the housing crisis with more investments, more funding, and more long-term solutions that work for all those living in poverty, and Congress has the responsibility to act.  

Call for change by signing onto our solidarity action and share why you care about affordable housing.


  • Twenty-four million low-income renters are spending more than half of their monthly income just on rent and stretching their budgets, making it difficult to afford other costs of living such as food, health care expenses, car or home repairs, child care, and other essentials.   
  • Minimum-wage workers cannot afford a two-bedroom apartment in any state in the U.S. 
  • Homelessness has significantly increased (12 percent for those who are unsheltered), even while significantly undercounting the number of people who do not have access to safe, stable, affordable, and secure housing.  

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