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In 2023, five million children died under the age of 5 from preventable causes — that’s 13,800 children every single day. Malnutrition, pneumonia, and diarrhea account for most of these needless deaths. The consequences of childhood hunger are devastating and permanent, but they are also entirely preventable. 

RESULTS advocates work with their members of Congress to build influence for smart nutrition and global health policies that address global hunger and poverty. We’re working together to build a better world where all kids, no matter where they are born, can have a healthy future. 

You can take a stand against childhood hunger by signing onto our solidarity action! Your name will help demonstrate that our communities care about global hunger and poverty. 

Fast Facts:

  • Malnutrition is the underlying cause of nearly half of all preventable child deaths.  
  • In low- and middle-income countries, two in three children under age 5 — or 478 million children — do not have access to enough nourishing food that meet their basic nutrition needs.  
  • Childhood hunger and poverty are global health equity issues. Impoverished countries and countries that were colonized continue to face the largest burden and worst effects of malnutrition.
  • Where a child is born impacts their chance to live. Children born in high-income countries have a 14 times lower risk of dying before their fifth birthday than a child born in Africa. 

How does adding your name support our advocacy?   

You can make a difference by supporting effective global health policy that will address global hunger and poverty to create a better world. Our RESULTS advocates across the United States are organizing lobby meetings with Senators and Representatives to push for bold funding increases for child health and nutrition, vaccines, and global education.  

We will share the number of signers and your testimony with our members of Congress during our lobby meetings to demonstrate broad community support for these issues.  

Thank you for supporting our advocacy!

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