White House intends to pledge $6 billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria 7th Replenishment

Today’s announcement is a hugely important step forward against AIDS, TB and malaria, and in building the health delivery systems to stop the pandemics of today and the future.

Remembering Rep. Don Young of Alaska

For more than forty years, RESULTS volunteers in Alaska were met by Rep. Don Young and his staff with an open door when they came to discuss the fight against global poverty.

U.S. to host next pledging summit for Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

As replenishment host, the Biden administration can help rally dramatic new investment in The Global Fund to help end the pandemics of today and help stop the pandemics of the future.

Leadership on global education falls back to Congress, after Biden administration refuses to step up

At the financing summit for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) today, the Biden administration affirmed its intent to cut funding for global education.

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Tax policy can reduce child poverty — our work on the Child Tax Credit in 2022

In 2021 Congress enacted historic legislation that cut child poverty by more than 40 percent. Congress must do more so those gains don’t disappear. We are doing what it takes this year to make large-scale reductions in poverty via lasting changes to our tax code.

Returning to the Hill as Global Fund Advocates
Returning to the Hill as Global Fund Advocates

At our first in-person event in years, I was able to see the power that grassroots advocates have when we come together to push for global health funding. As a new staff member, it was so amazing to witness the confidence and passion that grassroots groups demonstrated at congressional advocacy meetings for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria.

House passed bipartisan malnutrition bill—now onto the Senate!

For months, we have been asking our members of Congress to co-sponsor the Global Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Act. And our advocacy is paying off! After receiving more than 100 bipartisan co-sponsors, the House of Representatives passed the bill last week. This is a promising signal of U.S. commitment to ending preventable child deaths caused by malnutrition. But our work is not done—we also need to make sure this bill passes in the Senate!

85 years old, and just getting started
85 years old, and just getting started

I’m 85 years old, and I became an advocate for the first time last year. Some people say I’m too old to make an impact, and I should just focus on myself. But I have so many stories and experiences to share. I believe you’re never too old to learn and create change.

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