Welcome, RESULTS Corvallis!

March 10, 2011
by Mary Peterson, Global Grassroots Associate for Expansion

On February 28, a group of inspired activists gathered at the home of Peter Stoel and his wife, Karen, to eat delicious snacks and hear about RESULTS. Peter assembled this lively crew of activists from all around Corvallis, Oregon. In the group were people who are volunteering at the local food bank, raising money for microcredit, working with disadvantaged youth, and studying public health. There was even a returned Peace Corp volunteer in the crowd.

We spent time sharing our experiences, questions and concerns about the world. We watched a brief video about RESULTS called “Everyday Heroes,” and I saw hope grow in people’s eyes. This informed group had insightful, challenging questions for me and for my colleague, Lisa Marchal, who was co-presenting the evening’s workshop. The discussion was rich. 

At the end of the evening, Peter stood up and asked the group if they would like to form RESULTS Corvallis, and five agreed to give the group a solid beginning. Thanks to this start, we now have two RESULTS groups in Oregon. I want to be the first person to welcome publically all the members of RESULTS Corvallis to the family!

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