This Will Not Be Tolerated In My Home

August 9, 2012
by Chrysula Winegar, RESULTS volunteer

You’ve all said, or heard another mother (my own mom for sure!) say, “That will not be tolerated in my home!” 

This weekend I attended a global anti-poverty conference in Washington, DC organized by a grassroots advocacy group, RESULTS. One of their keynote speakers was Marianne Williamson, author and speaker. 

She talked about being part of a generation that thought their mothers lives as traditional at-home homemakers was lacking in meaning and excitement. Marianne wanted to do something “important” in the world and lead a more impactful life. She explained over time that she came to a powerful conclusion. It was a conclusion that honored both her and her mother’s paths.

“I’ve learned that women are made to care for the home and for children — and we know that the whole earth is our home and the world’s children are all our children. And (poverty, hunger and disease) will NOT BE TOLERATED IN OUR HOME!”

I was left weeping and energized. And with the deep knowledge that it’s time to clean house!

Originally posted on the Million Moms Challenge, a global health coalition for moms and babies founded by the United Nations Foundation and ABC News.

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