Strategies for Using the International Conference to Engage, Strengthen, and Expand the Grassroots

May 14, 2013
by Carly Pildis, RESULTS Outreach and Advocacy Associate

Conferences are a fantastic organizing tool when leveraged correctly. Concentrated time with existing grassroots can deepen relationship to the organization locally and globally, and provide training that is invaluable year to our efforts to end poverty. Additionally the RESULTS International Conference is a fantastic opportunity to expand RESULTS, both in terms of our pre-existing groups and new ones nationwide. The REAL Change Scholarship program, for potential activists between the ages of 18–27, is another hook we can use to draw in new partners and strengthen existing partnerships by erasing the financial barrier many youth faith to conference participation. Long term, more youth will help build a stronger more sustainable RESULTS community.

Your Address book — utilizing who you already may know

The International Conference is in many ways a giant advertisement for RESULTS. The entire conference will push for people to get more involved in RESULTS issues and advocacy. Ask yourself who you’d like to advertise to:

  1. Who in your life are you always talking to RESULTS about? Who could you picture getting involved with some further inspiration?
  2. What individuals or institutions in your community have you engaged with, but struggled to get to fully commit to a RESULTS group?
  3. Who in your region do you think could benefit from the inspirational aspect of the Conference? Who would you like to see deepen their commitment?
  4. Use the REAL Change Scholarship as a hook. Who in your community wants to engage youth? Probably tons and tons of people. Who out there might want to see youth get an awesome opportunity to get specialized training in DC — again probably lots of people.
  5. Who has expressed interest in advocacy generally or expressed frustration at the slow pace of change? Who might be interested in learning be a “change maker”
  6. Who in your community is interested in hunger, education, and poverty?
  7. Who in your community is interested in millennial unemployment, and student loans
  8. What faith-based communities are interested in poverty in your community? Reach out to local synagogues, churches, mosques. See if they have social action committees, if they are interested in hunger, if they are interested in poverty. Call Rabbinical schools, seminaries, and local faith based anti-poverty groups. Religions may not agree on much, but most all of them believe in a moral imperative to fight poverty. The IC and REAL Change are great way to build a connection, as many groups are looking to strengthen activities for youth generally.

Remember, we’re looking forward to seeing many of you here in DC this July for the conference. For those of you who have not yet registered, there’s still time. We have excellent speakers lined up including Congressional Gold Medal winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the Executive Director of UNICEF Tony Lake, writer Marianne Williamson, and many more!

Don’t miss out! REGISTER TODAY for this year’s conference TODAY!

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