Staying the Course: Tools You Need to Hold the World Bank Accountable on Education

September 12, 2012
by John Fawcett, Legislative Director

In the 2010 the World Bank pledged a $750 million increase to basic education. Through a mathematical sleight of hand, they’ve transformed that pledged increase into a meaningless promise where education funding could actually fall sharply – and they’d still claim success.

We don’t think that’s acceptable, and we need your help to hold the World Bank accountable.  Here are the tools you need:

check out the powerpoint slides from the webinar.  

Letter to the Editor Action Sheet: Tell you community about this issue by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. Check out our Action Sheet for tips and background on how to write and publish an LTE.

Editorial Packet: Find out how to approach editorial writers at your local paper.  This packet includes ideas for hooks and all the information that the writer would need.

Laser Talk: Want to pitch your editorial board or ask a community leader to co-author a letter or op-ed with you? This speaking exercise will get you started. 

Training Call: Listen to this September training call full of tips on how to create a compelling media piece using relevant hooks and clarifying information.

Staying the Course? The World Bank’s 2010 Pledge to Basic Education (pdf): This report is an in-depth look at what the World Bank pledged and what has actually happened.  Curious about the math behind the pledge?  Then this report is for you! 

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