SNAP is safe – thanks to YOUR hard work

December 12, 2018
by Joanne Carter, RESULTS Executive Director

For months, you have been pushing back against harmful changes to SNAP in the farm bill. This week, your hard work paid off: the House and the Senate have agreed on final legislation that protects SNAP (formerly called food stamps).

This is a big victory, but it was in no way a given. There were moments this year when draconian cuts and changes to SNAP seemed very possible. And those changes would have taken food away from millions.

SNAP in 2018

But you didn’t let those moments stop you — instead, you channeled that energy into hundreds of calls, letters, and meetings with your members of Congress. You stood up and said, no one should go hungry in this country. You insisted that all human beings be treated with respect and dignity, and that includes having enough food to eat. You pushed Congress to come together and find a bipartisan solution. And they did.

This is not just about a bill getting passed in Washington. The difference between the proposed cuts and the final bill is a difference of more than 9 billion meals for low-income people across the country. If you’re ever wondering if your advocacy makes a difference, think about that number.

It hasn’t been an easy year, and we will surely face more challenges ahead, but please remember this: your voice matters. The work you do matters. Every letter you got published in your local paper, every phone call you made, every meeting you attended – each seemingly small action led to this moment, right now.

Thank you for everything you do. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in 2019.

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