RESULTS Activist Nominated for Community Award

November 20, 2009
by Eric T. Harris, Grassroots Communications Coordinator, RESULTS

Our RESULTS partners are amazing people! They take time out of their busy schedules because they see immense potential in our world and wish to make it a better place. They organize events, marshal neighborhood support for important issues, reach out to their elected officials and local media outlets, and act as leaders in their community. It’s always inspiring to see our volunteers in action, mobilizing and speaking out to make health issues, welfare, and education for all a priority for our lawmakers and decision makers.

Well, the RESULTS community has done it again. I received word that Teresa Rugg, leader of the Snohomish County, Washington RESULTS group, was a finalist for an award given to extraordinary activists in the area. The award, called “Voice of the Community,” is given out by the local public radio station, 90.7 KSER, once each year. Because of her commitment to ending hunger, empowering women, and eliminating the worst aspects of poverty, Rugg was nominated by members in the community.

Having recently become a staff member of RESULTS, I am truly in awe of the dedication that our volunteers show, time and time again. I am constantly impressed by the great lengths RESULTS volunteers go to advocate for our cause. I feel honored to be surrounded by so many inspiring individuals. Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their busy schedules to support RESULTS. And congratulations, Teresa, for your nomination — your hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!

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