Organize, Mobilize, and Energize your Community!

February 28, 2012
by Jeremy Nguyen-Phuong, Global Legislative Intern

This week, I tuned into two webinars that addressed different ways in which we can assemble our community. These two webinars focused specifically on organizing for conferences and working with Diasporas. Both highlighted the fundamentals of a successful outreach: organize, mobilize and energize! These lessons are useful for activists organizing local outreach events, and for getting new people to the RESULTS IC in July!

The first webinar series was part of the AIDS 2012 conference on “mobilizing your community through hubs”. This session, hosted by the National Latino AIDS Action Network (NLAAN), addressed the opportunities of hosting a mini conference, hub, catered to an organizations campaign. Hubs are personalized events hosted by a local organization, in conjunction with AIDS 2012. These events will happen across the country and fortunately for those unable to attend, they will be recorded and telecasted on the conference page.

The Create an event, like for World TB Day or for Keeping them connected and engaged is key! Invite them to conference calls, to outreach events, and most importantly – to take action!

Research:  The most crucial part in making an impact on your community is to research, research, research! A successful outreach requires the activist to frequently aware of current events and issues. Make sure you know your audience and construct a personalized means to educate them about your campaign.

Energize:  Be active in keeping the community involved. Networking is the ultimate tool for advocacy, especially for non-profits. As you take the initiative, be sure to take constant care in keeping your audience interested. This could range on a scale from frequent email updates, to hosting small get together like dinners or recommended reading, all the way to hosting a major event. Continued communication is crucial!


For more information about conference hub’s for the AIDS 2012 conference go to:

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