May 2013 Global Education & Action (and Fun) Meeting in a Box

May 13, 2013
by Ken Patterson

Education & Action meetings are a great way to educate our action network and generate meaningful action. In May we are focusing child nutrition, and the May Global Action Sheet focuses on writing letters to the editor. Here’s an outline for your meeting:

  • Preparation
    1. Select a couple of media outlets to write to. Scan the outlets on line for local media hooks, or bring some hard copies of the papers to the meeting.
    2. Print out your May 2013 Global Action Sheets (and read it) and have paper and pens handy.
    3. Read additional background information on our nutrition page as time allows.
  • Inviting: Have everyone in the group invite at least 2 people to come. Tips:
    1. Ask them in person or by phone
    2. Start by telling them why you want them to come and take action with you, “There are 165 million kids not getting the basic nutrition the need to develop properly—I’d like you and I to do something about this together. Now is the time because there is a pledging conference in June where the U.S. could have a big impact. We’ll have fun, learn about this critical issue, and take some meaningful action.
  • Open the meeting: explain what will happen and let people know how important it is for the group to be taking action now.
  • Engage: Move the participants emotionally with a story or video. You can find several videos at the bottom of our nutrition page on the website.
  • Inform: Read through the May 2013 Global Action Sheet together, out loud having people take turns.
  • Take Action: Engage everyone in writing a letter to the editor using the EPIC format. Tips:
    1. Brainstorm hooks with the group.
    2. Encourage them to personalize their letters using something that struck them during the meeting.
    3. Encourage them to keep letters brief.
  • Sharing: Ask people to share their letters, and make plans to submit them to papers
  • Process: Ask people how it felt to learn about the issue and take action.
  • Keep Them Informed: Let them know you will keep them in the loop on the issue and if letters get published.
  • Invite Again: Invite them to your next action-taking meeting.

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