Make Thursday’s "To Catch a Dollar" Screening a Huge Hit!

March 29, 2011
by Jos G. Linn, RESULTS Domestic Outreach Organizer

The To Catch a Dollar nationwide screening is this Thursday, March 31, at 7:30 pm (local time). RESULTS groups and volunteers from around the country have been promoting the film in their communities and are using it as a great outreach opportunity for their groups. Thank you all for your outstanding efforts so far. Let’s ensure that Thursday night is a great success by making these last two days count. Here are 10 things you can do to ensure you have a great event at your local To Catch a Dollar screening on Thursday.

  1. Keep inviting people to come to the screenings. It is never too late to invite that person or group you haven’t contacted yet. If you have friends, family or colleagues out there left to contact, do it now. Use our Announcement template for invitations as well as last minute newsletters and announcements. Even if there is not a screening in your area, invite your friends and family in other cities to attend screening near them.
  2. Follow up with people you have already invited. If people have indicated that they plan to attend a screening, be sure to do a quick reminder (in-person, phone, e-mail, text, Facebook, Twitter) saying you are looking forward to seeing them at the screening on Thursday. Last minute reminders are essential to ensuring a good turnout.
  3. Do any last minute media outreach. Contact your local news organizations, send in a Media and Outreach training call for tips.
  4. Draft your RESULTS outreach laser talk. Don’t forget the March Action. Draft your laser talk connecting your local RESULTS group with the film people are there to see. This is the most important part of the evening as it introduces people to RESULTS and encourages them to get involved. We have a sample script you can use and tailor to your own style on the RESULTS website. And make sure to practice it before Thursday.
  5. Have all your materials ready to go. If you are hosting a table at your local theater, be sure to print off the materials you’ll need at the event. Our To Catch a Dollar Resources page has RESULTS brochures, action sheets, sign-in sheets, and other materials that will help you to promote RESULTS and our work. We recommend you include the Saver’s Bonus Outreach Action, Saver’s Bonus Fact Sheet, and Head Start call-in flyer as part of your repertoire. Also, be sure to personalize and print out copies of our half-sheet flyer listing your next local RESULTS meeting.
  6. Call to confirm your activities at the theater. Be sure to check in with the person you have been communicating with at your local theater to confirm what activities you will be doing. Briefly run through your agenda at the screening and any logistics you may need from the theater (e.g. table for materials).
  7. Show up early enough to set up your materials before people arrive. If you’ve gotten permission to have a RESULTS table at the theater, be sure to arrive early enough to set up your materials so people can see it as they go into the movie. And make sure to urge them to visit your table afterward in your laser talk.
  8. Enjoy the film. Although much of our work has been focused around attendance and outreach at this event, we don’t want to forget to enjoy the show.
  9. Have volunteers at the table before the movie ends. Some people will look to leave when the credits role so be sure to have people at your RESULTS table to greet them as you leave. Others will stay through the panel discussion video after the film. Be sure to have people available to talk about RESULTS until everyone leaves the theater.
  10. Follow up with leads. You outstanding outreach on Thursday will inevitably lead to people interested in learning more about RESULTS. Don’t let those hot leads cool down. Be sure to follow up with anyone who provided you contact information no later than early next week to answer questions and invite them to your next RESULTS meeting (the April National Conference Call is a week from this Saturday). Remember that successful outreach is completely dependent on good follow up.

We know that all of you will make the To Catch a Dollar screening a great event on Thursday. Please go to our To Catch a Dollar Resources page for all the materials and resources you’ll need for Thursday. In addition, Meredith Dodson and Jos Linn are here to help you both before and after the screening to make the most of your outreach efforts. Please do not hesitate to

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