Let’s Grow

January 21, 2011
by Mary Peterson, Global Grassroots Associate for Expansion

Think about when you joined RESULTS. It was likely at the invitation of someone. A friend, colleague, or a family member found this fantastic organization, got excited, and wanted to share the experience with you. Can you return that favor? Can you think of a friend who wants to make change happen in the world but doesn’t know how? Do you know a colleague who is passionate about fixing the injustices of the world?

Chances are that there is someone in your social circle who is just waiting to be invited to give RESULTS a try. It doesn’t matter if a local RESULTS group is nearby or not. Tell them about RESULTS, tell them why our work is important, and tell them why they are needed in this amazing group of people. If we all invited one person to get involved, we could double the voice and power of RESULTS.

Take a moment and e-mail someone about how you changed the world today. Invite them to do the same. E-mail me at mpeterso[email protected] to find out how you can to help us grow this year.

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