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December 30, 2014
by Bob Dickerson, RESULTS Volunteer

Dear Friends, 

You might have seen what I wrote in the New York Times last month, “Death Without Regrets.”  As the new year approaches, I am excited about the absolutely historic opportunity we have right NOW: We know how to end the silent tragedy of 17,000 children under five dying daily from preventable and treatable diseases.   

We have a chance to make history – and you're helping us. Your investment in our advocacy to fund Gavi,the Vaccine Alliance, can determine whether thousands of children will continue to die every week from diarrhea and pneumonia or whether their countries will have the tools to end these needless deaths.

I know it's easy to complain about our government, but let's remember who runs our democracy: you and me. After we vote, we can't just sit back and watch from the sidelines. If we want our government to end poverty and unnecessary child deaths, we must tell our senators and representatives that it is a priority for us.

We need to be actively engaged. RESULTS helps us be active members of our democracy and create extraordinary change.

Behind our powerful advocacy efforts are donors like you. It's your support for RESULTS that makes our work together possible.  

And that's why I'm both a donor to RESULTS and an advocate. What better use of my time and my money than advocating for the kids in our world who are most in need? They need us to stand up for them.

I hope you'll take a minute to read “Death Without Regrets.” And then I hope you'll join me in making a year-end gift to the RESULTS Annual Campaign to help us continue to raise our voices all year long.

What you do matters. Never forget that.


Thanks to a generous donor, we will receive $1 for every $2 you donate, up to $50,000.


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