Expansion Work is Empowerment Work

February 23, 2012
by Katy Windschill, Grassroots Expansion Agent

In so many areas of life — such as being a doctor, human rights lawyer, or firefighter — you need special qualifications when you want to make a difference. One of the things I love most about RESULTS is that, not only can you be part of saving hundreds of thousands of lives without any prequalifications, but RESULTS assures us that we all have an incredible amount of intrinsic value. 

I know there are so many people in our country who are aching to be a part of something meaningful but just don’t know where to go to get started. That’s why it’s so exciting for me to introduce RESULTS to others; we remind people of their inherent worth and offer them a way to contribute to their life’s purpose.

Currently, I am trying to find more leads to create a RESULTS chapter in Jackson, Mississippi, and will likely participate in Jackson State’s International Week as well as be on the hunt for volunteers at other universities, churches, and social service agencies. I’m also trying to cultivate interests in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and in New Orleans where new chapters are brewing. Overall, my focus areas are Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Feel free to contact me. I welcome any outreach ideas and suggestions you may have for these states, as well as any leads!

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