Every voice and every vote count

November 5, 2020
by Joanne Carter, Executive Director

RESULTS is founded on the belief that every voice matters and every voice has power. This is true in advocacy, and it is true in elections. Every vote must be counted.

As advocates we work across the aisle with policymakers because we believe ending poverty should be a nonpartisan issue. But everyone deserves a fair say in who those policymakers are in the first place.

People have struggled and died for voting rights throughout our history. Still today, too many people, especially Black, Indigenous and other people of color, face barriers to this fundamental part of our democracy. Yet despite a pandemic and severe hardship for millions, voters turned out in record numbers for this election.

Each of those votes counts, and each of them must be counted.

Once they are, RESULTS is ready. We’re not waiting around to see what policymakers decide to do next year – we’ll get in there right away to help set a bold agenda against poverty.  

COVID relief is many months overdue, and millions of people in this country and around the world are facing the consequences for Washington’s inaction. We will continue to push, as we have for months, for an urgently needed response. But we won’t be content with just emergency relief: we need an equitable response to the pandemic, and a long-term vision to bring an end to poverty and the systemic oppression that creates it.

During the first 100 days of next year, we want to meet with every member of Congress we cover – that means every single member of the U.S. Senate and three quarters of the House of Representatives. Right now, we’re welcoming hundreds of new advocates to our movement to help make this possible, and together I’m convinced that we can.

I know we’re all still absorbing the meaning of this election and its consequences. But I’m as certain as ever of the absolute necessity of our work with Congress – organizing, forging relationships, building bipartisan leadership, and advocating for the end of poverty.

Everyone’s voices should be heard in elections and all year long. Thank you for being part of the RESULTS movement.

Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

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