Events Across the Country on March 31 for Release of To Catch A Dollar = Golden Outreach Opportunity

February 12, 2011
by Meredith Dodson, Director of U.S. Poverty Campaigns

RESULTS is a partner in the March 31 nationwide release of the documentary TO CATCH A DOLLAR: MUHAMMAD YUNUS BANKS ON AMERICA — many of you saw the preview at last summer’s International Conference. RESULTS is a national partner in the release of this film, and this is a ready-made outreach opportunity for your RESULTS group.

This screening will be a great event which you can invite your local network (allies, donors, local congressional staff) to attend. There is a possibility your group could host a table at the theater or even do a short announcement to those in attendance after the event. This film offers a chance to educate those interested in poverty, or the work of Muhammad Yunus and microcredit. Here’s a bit more information from their promotional materials:

CATCH A DOLLAR: MUHAMMAD YUNUS BANKS ON AMERICA, a 2010 Sundance Film Festival selection, documents the birth of Grameen America and the effort to bring Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus’s revolutionary microfinance program to the United States. The film features stories of women borrowers from around the world – with a focus here in the United States – and shows the genius of the Yunus model. It proves that there is a way to meet the needs of Americans living without access to affordable financial services. The low income, all women borrowers in the film – the inspiring heroes of the story – prove to the world that given the chance, they can be reliable and responsible entrepreneurs building businesses and taking care of their families.

… the film will serve as the centerpiece of this nationwide campaign. Together, in partnership with leading NGO and corporate organizations including Google, Whole Foods, Kiva, Dress for Success, [and RESULTS!], our multiyear, multiplatform campaign will:

1. Reframe perceptions about poverty and the working poor in the United States, demonstrating there are solutions for those who seek to rise up out of hardship;

2. Provide the general public with tools and resources to assist with their own financial health;

3. Activate audiences to take actions that will impact their neighbors and communities across the country; and

4. Increase access to microfinance services in communities across America.

The initial campaign after the film’s release will consist of four intense weeks of online educational events and other activities, which will be marketed to all those who go to the film screenings. We’re co-organizing the policy week, April 25-May 1, and will lead several webinars on advocacy training, innovative policies to create economic opportunities through asset building, and the potential impact of budget cuts on families living in poverty. We’ll know more details in the next week or two about the March 31 events, but given the timing of tomorrow’s conference call I figured it was smart to get information out to you all. If your group wants to take a role in the local screening, contact me at the RESULTS office.

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