Education for All Global Action Week Coming Up April 22 - 28

April 10, 2012
by Ken Patterson, Global Grassroots Manager

Education for All Global Action Week is April 22-28!

Every April, the world focuses on the need to get kids in school. This is a priority we share with our families and our neighbors in the U.S., in addition to those who live worlds away from us.

International Global Action Week is April 22-28, and we are partnering with our U.S. poverty RESULTS advocates to take an organization-wide look at how we can outreach to our communities on this important issue. This is a particularly good time to identify nearby influential voices and grasstops leaders who care about education.

Take Action:  

1. Mark Global Action Week for Education (April 22-28) on your calendar.

2. Check our our tips on building a coalition of community allies and start brainstorming with other activists about people and organizations who care about educating kids and might be interested in collaboration. Local school board? Teachers union? Girl and Boy Scout troops? Head Start center? PTA? Education department at the local college? Who is in your neighborhood working for education? These groups may not know about RESULTS and our commitment to early childhood education here and around the world, and they might love to learn about us and consider collaborating.

3. Research the contacts at the organizations of your choosing and make a few calls to set up meetings! Coalition-building is relationship-building around common visions and goals. It takes time to talk about those common goals and develop ideas on how you and other like-minded groups can work together. Now is a great moment to start taking that time.

4. Check out our emerging Education for All Outreach Kit for the April action sheet, a relevant laser talk, education fact sheets, inspiring videos, and other outreach resources.

5. Glance at the international Global Action Week website for a splash of inspiration.

April is a fantastic time to begin building coalitions and relationships with grasstops for future education campaign work as we form our strategy to support the Global Partnership on Education. Through coalition-building, ou might find a new ally, op-ed co-writer, donor, or RESULTS member. Contact your group leader or regional coordinator for more assistance during this important Global Action Week, and thanks for your creativity!

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