Easy Ways to Harness Facebook for Advocacy: Part 3 of 3

February 11, 2011
by Mary Peterson, Global Grassroots Associate for Expansion

In the last of our series on harnessing Facebook for advocacy, we are going to learn how to tag people in posts.

By tagging posts in Facebook, you are essentially posting your message to someone else’s page. Tagging is handy if you want to communicate certain messages, news articles, or videos to a specific entity or person’s page. It’s a very simple trick that allows you to easily share information with people outside of their newsfeed. First, you must be either a friend or a fan of this person or organization.  When you go to post a status, type @thepersonsname and write your message.

For example, if you had a very interesting article you wanted to share with me via Facebook, you would write: “@marypeterson Check out this great article on using Facebook to contact members of Congress.” 

Some easy ways to use this feature effectively include tagging RESULTS and your member of Congress about articles on certain legislation, tagging RESULTS with interesting information that can then be disseminated, or tagging multiple members of Congress as follow ups to previous contacts.

These three simple things will help reinforce your relationship with your members of Congress, educate your social network about the amazing work you do as part of RESULTS, and broaden your advocacy skill set. None of this can take the place of a personal relationship with your member; however, Facebook can enhance that relationship.

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