Development Manager on the Run for the End of Poverty (Updated February 22)

February 15, 2012
by Jen Maurer, Development Manager

Now that we have launched our Friends & Family Fundraising Campaign (which runs through March 31), I want to share my own personal experience with our fantastic new online fundraising tool. You’ve likely seen something similar to it before; it is a website where you can donate, and see immediately how your contribution helps a friend reach their fundraising goal. Well, now RESULTS has one of these tools for use, too!

I’m using this tool to fundraise this Friends & Family Campaign, and or link your pages together as a team.

It’s been a really great way for me to talk about RESULTS. The response has been amazing. People are so happy to learn about what we do, read my testimony, and donate. It’s also an easy way to spread word to my networks. I was nervous about doing this at first, but I sent my appeal to a acquaintance from my condo association . . . and she donated! Because you can see who has donated, it’s a fun, interactive tool that helps people feel part of a larger group helping you. When I saw that my aunt-in-law gave $50, I just knew my mother-in-law would up the ante. And she did, with her own $100 donation! I realized how much people like to see what others have given and how motivating it can be. I also love how quickly I can thank people because I know they’ve donated.

You can start building your own online fundraising site right now. So that we can best support you, tell Cindy Levin or your group leader if you are interested in using this great new tool for your Friends & Family Campaign efforts.  She can also help you with specific questions you may have around linking the two things together.

(Oh, and we have great prizes! The individual and the team that raises the most for this Friends & Family Campaign will each get one free, transferable 2012 International Conference registration!)

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