Communicate and Collaborate With Us in The "My RESULTS" Forum!

February 17, 2011
by Ashton Wingate

For over 30 years RESULTS has been on a mission to create the public and political will to end poverty. One way in which we aim to achieve that goal is by empowering individuals to exercise their political power for change. I think one central thread in the way that we bring this empowerment to our staff and grassroots volunteers is the power of communication. We have taken another step forward in our effort to communicate effectively and inclusively with the launch of “My RESULTS”. “My RESULTS” is a forum or message board where everyone who is a member of the RESULTS family can come together around issues and topics of discussion that matter to them. We hope this will result in increased engagement and more collaboration/idea sharing amongst our vast network of grassroots members.

We couldn’t have thought of a better way to harness the incredible energy and unparalleled enthusiasm our grassroots have for the work that we do than to create a space where their potential to turn that fervor into change is unlimited. Using this forum we can organize events, mobilize around legislative change, or put our heads together to find new ways to get friends and family involved in our mission to make this world a place free of poverty and hunger.

Getting registered to our forum is a piece of cake! Simply click here, fill out the info, hit submit, and then you’re done. You’ll receive an e-mail with a confirmation link shortly after registering. I hope you’ll take some time to register and join the conversation!

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