Maybe you’ve been feeling the urge to do something – but you aren’t sure what. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by this political moment. Maybe you wish that you could have a say in the policies that impact millions of people here in the United States and around the world.  Well, now you can.

Our volunteer advocates come from all walks of life, but share a desire to stand up for issues they care about, be heard, and make an impact. At RESULTS, we teach you the nuts and bolts of how to do that. We teach you how to become an advocate.

You can make a difference right now

Hear directly from some of our RESULTS volunteers

They will tell you what it’s really like to become a RESULTS volunteer and break down actions you can take with RESULTS.

Meet face-to-face with Congress and their staff

“My member of Congress knew who I was because of that meeting. To know that I could engage with politics at such a young age and make such a difference because of RESULTS completely changed my life.” – Kiran Waqar

Share personal stories that move heads and hearts

“As an Expert on Poverty, we use storytelling as a way to bridge the gap between people that actually have lived in, at, or just a little above the poverty line and the people in the halls of power that make the decisions about our lives. RESULTS is important to the narrative that we paint about individuals that live in poverty.” – Yolanda Gordon

Engage communities through outreach and action

“I had no advocacy background but was passionate about making a change so I decided to take a leap of faith. To our surprise we heard back from people saying they were really interested! In the two years we’ve been a RESULTS group it’s amazing what we’ve accomplished. What motivated me was meeting people that were interested in the same things we were.” – Akshita Madala

What issues will I take action on?

By combining the powerful voices of advocates with research and oversight of U.S. anti-poverty efforts at home and abroad, RESULTS has been changing government priorities and people’s lives. RESULTS advocates for programs, policies, and funding that have the greatest impact on the lives of people in poverty. We focus on health, education, and economic opportunity in the U.S. and around the world.

U.S. Poverty Campaigns

America is one of the richest and most powerful nations on the planet, yet millions of families are struggling to make ends meet. RESULTS advocates pursue economic policies that create opportunity for all and protect core anti-poverty programs for individuals and families living in poverty.

Explore our campaigns.

Global Poverty Campaigns

Working in partnership with developing countries, the U.S. has helped combat extreme poverty by investing in global development programs. RESULTS advocates call on Congress to support funding and legislation that will build foundations for strong health and education systems globally.

Explore our campaigns.

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