Expert NameTitleMedia OutletTypesYearTopic
La'Shon MarshallWhat the Expanded Child Tax Credit Means to MeOther WordsOpinion Pieces2021taxes, CTC, EITC
Clara Moore, Maureen Bowling, Sharvonne WilliamsPowerful Speaking: Practice Crafting Your StoryRESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2021storytelling
Yolanda Gordon"Nine Minutes And Twenty-Nine Seconds" World Moms NetworkOpinion Pieces2021anti-oppression, racial equity
Kali DaughertyConcurrent Plenary: Perspectives on Making the Case for Equitable and Affordable Housing in AmericaRESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2021housing, emergency rental assistance
Jamy RentschlerReducing Poverty for Children and Supporting Low-Wage Workers with Smart Tax PolicyRESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2021taxes, CTC, EITC
Kali Daugherty, Pamela M CovingtonA New Day! Virtual Housing ForumNational Low-Income Housing CoalitionConference Videos2021storytelling
Jamy Rentschler"Letter: Expand Rental Assistance"Lincoln Journal StarOpinion Pieces2021housing, emergency rental assistance
R.N. Fox, La'Shon Sincereá Marshall, Yvonne Montoya, Bernadine WilliamsParticipant Perspectives on U.S. Nutrition Programs: Learning from their ExpertiseRESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2021nutrition, SNAP, WIC
Asia Bijan ThompsonHow Poverty Becomes a CycleHuffPostProfile Videos2021 nutrition, housing, SNAP
Kali DaughertyKali: Why Congress needs to make the Child Tax Credit permanentRESULTSProfile Videos2021taxes, CTC, EITC
Clara MooreClara: Why Congress needs to make the Child Tax Credit permanentRESULTSProfile Videos2021taxes, CTC, EITC
Maureen BowlingMaureen: Why Congress needs to make the Child Tax Credit permanentRESULTSProfile Videos2021taxes, CTC, EITC
Pamela M Covington, Aaron CarrilloPowerful Speaking: Telling Your Story to Create ChangeRESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2021storytelling
Maureen Bowling, Rhonda ReidAccess Not Granted: Barriers To Health Care and Equity for Children and Families During COVID-19 Children’s Health WatchConference Videos2020healthcare
Kali DaughertySeptember 2020 National Webinar: Making the case for a COVID bill nowRESULTSConference Videos2020housing, emergency rental assistance
Kali Daugherty"Tax credits forever changed my family's life"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2020taxes, EITC, CTC
La'Shon Sincereá MarshallDecember 2020 National Webinar: COVID-19 Relief Now and Planning for 2021RESULTSConference Videos2020advocacy
Pamela M Covington, Maureen BowlingThe Power of Storytelling: Engaging the Real Experts and Telling Your Story to Create Change RESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2020storytelling
Maxine Thomas"CDC’s effort to halt evictions isn’t enough for struggling tenants and landlords” IndyStarOpinion Pieces2020housing
Yolanda Gordon100 Days for Opportunity and Well-Being: An Executive & Administrative Agenda for Children and FamiliesGeorgetown Law Center on Poverty and InequalityPolicy Research2020advocacy
Pamela M CovingtonPut a Fork in ItThe MothPodcasts2020nutrition
Asia Bijan ThompsonFood Dignity ProjectThe Food Dignity ProjectPodcasts2020nutrition, housing, SNAP
Asia Bijan ThompsonJune 2020 National Webinar: Solidarity and ActionRESULTSConference Videos2020anti-oppression, racial equity
Yolanda GordonShare Your StoryRESULTSProfile Videos2020storytelling
Asia Bijan Thompson"Law Student Limelight: Asia Thompson of New York Law School"LawdragonNews Articles2019advocacy
Maureen Bowling"My family had nowhere to go - now I'm fighting for fair housing policies on Capitol Hill"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2019housing, emergency rental assistance
Asia Bijan Thompson"Single mother speaks out about benefits of Misericordia’s Bourger program at conference"The Citizens VoiceNews Articles2019education
Asia Bijan Thompson"Millennials On SNAP Say Trump’s 'Blue Apron' Boxes Humiliate Them (& Their Children)"BustleNews Articles2019nutrition, SNAP
Aaron Carrillo"Tax time is a big deal"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2019taxes, EITC, CTC
Tamara Bates, Asia Bijan Thompson, Manilan Houle, Pamela M CovingtonApplying Racial Equity to U.S. Federal Nutrition Assistance Programs: SNAP, WIC, and Child Nutrition Bread for the WorldPolicy Research2019nutrition, SNAP
Yolanda Gordon"Advocacy is not a hobby-we are here to do real work"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2019advocacy
Kali Daugherty"Tell Congress to protect children's health-we must save CHIP"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2018healthcare
Qiana Torregano“TOPS Should Help Lift Students Out of Poverty” The New Orleans AdvocateOpinion Pieces2018nutrition
Pamela M Covington"Protecting a vital resource"Daily PressOpinion Pieces2018nutrition, SNAP
Qiana Torregano"Winter break can be terrifying for mothers living in poverty"MomsRisingOpinion Pieces2018nutrition
Maxine Thomas, Clara Moore, Alexa WilliamsScarcity In Abundance: Hunger in the United StatesGeneral Board of Church & Society – The United Methodist ChurchConference Videos2018advocacy
Dawn Pierce"Protect SNAP"Idaho StatesmanOpinion Pieces2018nutrition, SNAP
Brittany BurnamEverybody Has A Right to EatNational Women's Law CenterProfile Videos2018nutrition, SNAP
Maxine Thomas"Vote for those who will push bipartisan, anti-poverty policies"IndyStarOpinion Pieces2018advocacy
Pamela M Covington"Congressman Bobby Scott holds town hall meeting in Newport News" WTKRNews Articles2018advocacy
Yolanda Gordon"Congress Must Look at Rising Housing Costs and Stagnant Wages"The HeraldOpinion Pieces2018taxes, housing, EITC
Maxine Thomas, Jackie Halliday, Yolanda GordonPoverty, Power, and the People Behind the Numbers: Stories and Policy Recommendations from the Experts on PovertyRESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2018advocacy
Asia Bijan Thompson"Asia's story: A mom fights for Medicaid"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2018healthcare
Sharvonne Williams"SNAP changed my life. Stop targeting it with cuts."RESULTSOpinion Pieces2018nutrition, SNAP
Clara Moore"I’m a chef, an author and a mom – and I’ve been on food stamps"CNNOpinion Pieces2018nutrition, SNAP
Pamela M Covington“Support Safety Net” Daily PressOpinion Pieces2017nutrition, SNAP
Asia Bijan Thompson"42 Million Americans Experience Hunger Each Year. I’m One of Them.”TalkPovertyOpinion Pieces2017advocacy
Pamela M Covington"Hampton author to share experience of poverty at conference" Daily PressNews Articles2017advocacy
Clara MooreWe Get ResultsBodyMindSpiritPodcasts2017healthcare
Pamela M Covington“A Year Round Problem” Daily PressOpinion Pieces2017housing
Dawn Pierce“Not too long ago, my son and I were the face of SNAP, hunger and poverty” Say It ForwardOpinion Pieces2017nutrition, SNAP
Kevin Pearson, Asia Bijan Thompson, Dawn PiercePoverty, Power, and the People Behind the Numbers: Stories from the Experts on Poverty RESULTS International ConferenceConference Videos2017advocacy
Maxine Thomas“Indiana senators must oppose health bill that would gut Medicaid”IndyStarOpinion Pieces2017healthcare
Dawn Pierce“Assistance Programs” Idaho StatesmanOpinion Pieces2017healthcare
Qiana Torregano"Influencing Policy to Tackle Poverty in the USA"Blessed to GiveOpinion Pieces2017advocacy
Kevin Pearson"New leaders should expand EITC"Courier & PressOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC
Yolanda Gordon"What South Carolinians Think About Ryan’s Poverty Forum"TalkPovertyNews Articles2016healthcare
Dawn Pierce"Expand EITC"Idaho StatesmanOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC
Yolanda Gordon"A Closer Look at Poverty from an Expert" MediumOpinion Pieces2016advocacy
Yolanda GordonEpisode #66: Harvard StrikesTalkPoverty RadioPodcasts2016healthcare
Dawn Pierce"Census data says ending poverty possible, but Congress must act"Idaho StatesmanOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC, CTC
Pamela M Covington"Making Ends Meet"Daily PressOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC
Tamara BatesWe Get ResultsBodyMindSpiritPodcasts2016advocacy
Kali Daugherty"Expand the EITC"Milwaukee Jurnal SentinelOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC
Yolanda Gordon"Help People Find a Way Out of Poverty" The HeraldOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC
Maxine Thomas“New legislation aims to alleviate food deserts”WTHRNews Articles2016nutrition
Manilan Houle"On tax day, making sure no American is taxed into poverty"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC
Maxine Thomas“Hunger is no game: fighting food deserts in Indianapolis” Nuvo - News NirvanaNews Articles2016nutrition
Pamela M Covington“Poverty rates”Daily PressOpinion Pieces2016taxes, EITC, CTC
Qiana Torregano, Dawn Pierce, Pamela M Covington, Yolanda Gordon, Asia Bijan Thompson, Kevin Pearson, Kali Daugherty"Experts on Poverty send wave of reality to the media"RESULTSNews Articles2016advocacy
Maxine Thomas“Indianapolis Mayor Focuses on Food DesertsNext CityNews Articles2016nutrition
Andy Trujillo“Quelites in the Valley”Albuquerque JournalOpinion Pieces2015advocacy
Maxine Thomas"Congress must act now to save pro-work tax provisions"The HillOpinion Pieces2015taxes
Qiana TorreganoWe Get ResultsBodyMindSpiritPodcasts2015taxes, nutrition, EITC, SNAP
Yolanda Gordon“Extend Tax Credits for Working Poor”The HeraldOpinion Pieces2015taxes, EITC
Tamara Bates"Taking a chance and finding RESULTS"RESULTSOpinion Pieces2015advocacy
Andy Trujillo“That the United States doesn’t care for its power is monstrous”Daily LoboOpinion Pieces2015taxes
Sharvonne Williams"Loss of tax credits would hurt poor"IndyStarOpinion Pieces2014taxes, EITC, CTC


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