Working with the Media

April 28, 2009

Talking to the pressYour local paper, radio station, or newscasts can be powerful tools for getting others in your community invested in issues related to poverty. But it does take a little bit of work. Here are some actions you can take to engage the media in creating the political will to end poverty.

Milestones for Working with the Media

  1. Write a Letter to the Editor and Send Your Published Letter to Your Member of Congress.
  2. Write or Generate an Op-ed and Send Your Published Piece to Your Member of Congress.
  3. Meet Face-to-Face with the Editorial Board of Your Local Paper

  4. Generate an Editorial or Article in Your Local Paper and Send a Copy to Your Member of Congress.
  5. Organize a Press Conference or Statewide Media Call on a RESULTS Issue.

See our Activist Milestones for a comprehensive guide to actions you can take to challenge yourself and make a difference.

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