November 20, 2014

Whether you want to catch up with the latest advocacy trainings, inspire others to join RESULTS, or download the latest campaign information, you will find everything you need to advocate for the end of poverty right here.


Learn about RESULTS

I want to learn more about RESULTS.

I want to read about RESULTS' campaigns.


Skill Development

I want to take action.

I want to build my advocacy skills.

I want to listen to RESULTS webinars.

I want to access the RESULTS Weekly Updates/Monthly Actions/Laser Talks.

I want to learn how to learn to be an effective Group Leader. 



I want to request a lobby meeting.

I want to prepare for a lobby meeting. 

I want to assess my member of Congress.

I want to report a lobby meeting.


Outreach (expand the impact of your group)

I want to reach out to my community.

I want to prepare for my outreach meeting.

I want to build our local Action Network.

I want to fundraise for RESULTS.

I want to collaborate with other RESULTS volunteers. 

I want to purchase RESULTS merchandise.

I want to share RESULTS videos/photos at my outreach event.


Publishing Media

I want tips on getting media published. 

I want to report published media. 


Group & Individual Planning

My group wants to make our plans. 

I want to learn how to be an effective Group Leader.


Reporting Your Advocacy Actions

I want to report published media. 

I want to report lobby meetings.

I want to report outreach meetings.


International Conference

I need resources for the RESULTS International Conference.

2018 Conference Resources

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