Growing Groups

May 26, 2009

We strive to grow our RESULTS groups for two reasons:

  1. Activists will come and go depending on what is happening in their lives. Some will move, go back to school, have babies, have health problems, or take care of aging parents. Many of our activists come back after these kinds of life events, but we must constantly encourage new activists to join.
  2. The movement to end poverty requires more people. We will create the political will to end poverty much more quickly if we have the ability to educate and mobilize large portions of our communities (this takes more activist), and when we have groups in every district in the U.S (this will require more groups).

We ask each of our groups to lead at least four outreach meetings or events each year to attract and secure the commitment of new RESULTS partners. We also ask our groups to meet twice each month to keep momentum going and so that new people have a venue in which to get to know the group.

Below are some resources for helping to grow your group:

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