Empower Yourself: Activist Milestone #3

October 16th, 2009

Take a Leadership Role in Your Group

We know that the healthiest groups are the ones that share leadership. Through delegation and collaboration, groups become more robust and can weather the bumps of keeping the group together and moving forward. Moreover, if everyone feels that he or she is doing something meaningful — contributing his or her talents — your group will stay vibrant and growing. Rotate roles and responsibilities and create new ones as needed.

Take a look at your talents and interests. How might they be of service to your group? Are you particularly organized? Perhaps your group could use a recording or corresponding secretary. Do you have flexibility during the day? You may be the perfect person to be in charge of scheduling appointments with congressional offices. Maybe you have the gift of hospitality. You could make a great host for the group’s Education and Action meetings or monthly national conference call gatherings.

Match your skills and schedule with a present group need and speak up! Your group will love you for it and will grow stronger because of it. Check out these descriptions of the various roles and responsibilities you can take on within RESULTS.


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