Volunteer Roles

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RESULTS is powered by the incredible passion, commitment, and leadership of our grassroots volunteers. Volunteers share roles in their groups and we collectively take responsibility to move different aspects of our advocacy forward.

We invite you to take on a role in your local chapter and grow your own leadership skills as you contribute powerfully to the RESULTS movement. There is a role in the group for everyone!

New look

RESULTS Grassroots Roles

Familiarize yourself with the different ways to be a volunteer by reading through the grassroots roles document and begin to think about what roles energize you.

At a group meeting or with your group leader, talk about the different roles that are available in your group and share about your interests. It is okay to be interested in more than one role! Be prepared to ask questions about what a certain role might look like in your chapter.

If you are in an area in which there is not a RESULTS group, we invite you to join the RESULTS Free Agents and receive coaching and support from RESULTS staff with a group of other advocates from across the country.


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