Every year, Congress decides how to spend the money in the U.S. federal budget. RESULTS urges our lawmakers to support issues that build the foundation to end poverty – health, education, and economic opportunity.

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Going in to talk budgets with your member of Congress? Go here for FY22 Global Appropriations Memos.

Global Poverty Budget & Appropriations Resources

Monthly Action Sheets (Global Poverty)

April 2021: Write Congress about Prioritizing Global Poverty in FY22 Spending

We are in the final month of our First 100 Days Campaign goals of meeting with 100 percent of the Senate and 75 percent of the House. We are well into the appropriations process, which includes appropriations requests and appropriations sign-on letters. Use this action sheet to make your  appropriations asks of your members of Congress so that global poverty priorities can be front and center as FY22 spending is considered. Use our appropriations memos and laser talks to help you craft your spending requests, and get support for making sign-on letter requests from our blog. (Word version)

Policy Background

Government Funding Cheat Sheet

The appropriations process is filled with jargon and acronyms that get thrown around on Capitol Hill. Bookmark this cheat-sheet of terms to use throughout the spring!

Training Webinar

March 2021 Together Women Rise: Appropriations Training

We celebrated COVID relief successes and looked at the 2021 campaigns on global education and nutrition. We learned about the appropriations process and tools available to us. We took action together online and prepared for taking deeper action with congressional staff.

Laser Talks (Global Poverty)

2021 Global Poverty Laser Talks

Use our current global poverty laser talks in your upcoming lobby meetings, letters to the editor, and e-mails to Congress.

FY22 Global Appropriations Memos

Every year, Congress decides how to spend the money in the U.S. federal budget. RESULTS urges our lawmakers to support issues that build the foundation to end poverty – health, education, and economic opportunity. These are memos you can use to make FY22 requests of your members of Congress.

Training Webinar

Candidate Engagement for the 2020 Elections

According to the Cook Political Report, there are nearly 100 competitive races and/or open seats in the House for the 2020 elections. A competitive race is an opportunity to influence and to develop relationships with candidates. Why? Because they are very interested in connecting with voting constituents!

Check out the recording and slides (pdf version)for our Candidate Engagement webinar and find laser talks and a leave behind to build a relationship with House candidates now.

Monthly Action Sheets (Global Poverty)

April 2020 Global Action Sheet LTE COVID Response

April 2020: As COVID-19 reaches poorer nations, it is the most marginalized who are most at risk. Congress must take action to bolster the response to COVID-19 in partner nations, ensure we do not backslide on progress made on health and education, and help nations address non-health impacts like the near shutdown of education in many partner countries. It’s time to meet with Congress and generate media. (Word Version)

Laser Talks (Global Poverty)

April 2020 Global Laser Talk: An Invitation to Lobby With RESULTS

Use this EPIC laser talk to invite someone new to join in your lobbying efforts on global poverty appropriations.

Monthly Action Sheets (Global Poverty)

March 2020 Global Poverty Action: Write Your Senators on Appropriations

With the President’s budget cuts to many global health and education programs serving the most vulnerable, Congress must step up. They’ll only do that if you ask them. Engage others to write letters to your senators asking for funding for effective global health and education programs. (Word version)

Monthly Action Sheets (Global Poverty)

February 2020 Global Poverty Action: Writing Letters on FY21 Global Health and Education Spending

The appropriations season is a critical time when budget priorities are set for the issues we care about. Enroll others in writing Congress about key global health and education issues. Create a cascade of voices for the end of poverty. (Word version)

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