Groups and teams are comprised of individuals with a range of values, motivations and intents. These individuals as well as the group or team itself as an entity are energized and motivated when they find meaning and purpose to their work and contributions. One challenge Group Leaders face is sustaining that engagement, renewing that engagement, and transforming it into growth and strength that benefits the group as a whole. The hope and intention are that the Group Leader’s work in engageing the team can be fuel for the group’s energy and productivity – that the effort will help the group continually re-imagine the dream that calls the team forward in the first place.

Your Learning Objectives:

Group Leaders focus on welcoming and developing new advocates and deepening and broadening the roles and skill sets within the team. This allows for group agility and enhances results and also helps extend the groups influence and impact.

  • Identify and practice strategies to sustain and grow the group
  • Apply tools to connect and reconnect advocate to his/her original/ evolving purpose and sense of meaning in this work
  • Recognize and address
    • Shifts in interest of activist or of group
    • Indicators of reduced engagement or interest  (e.g., related to mundane or intimidating activity)
    • Linking assignments as in service of larger, inspiring purpose.
  • Adopt best practices for attracting, joining and mentoring new advocates.
  • Recognize and address
    • The prioritization of growing group membership and commitment.
    • Leading group to expand capability through learning new skills and taking on a variety of roles
    • Adapting leadership approach as new members join team and as team becomes larger
    • As team grows, including members in activities to lead and to build team spirit and celebration of achievements: inspire, motivate and connect
  • Adopt best practices for creating community partnership and working more effectively within the wider organization.
  • Practice building team spirit and celebration of achievements: inspire, motivate and connect

Your Learning Sequence

Does your group feel like it’s becoming a big stagnant in its sense of purpose? Reach out to the RESULTS support team and invite them to help you facilitate a conversation with your group. What do you feel you need to be successful? What can you celebrate? And perhaps most importantly, why do you advocate?

Did you know that a book exists which chronicles the birth of RESULTS and helps us get in touch with why we advocate? Check out Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break Between People and Government by our founder Sam Daley-Harris.

Review your group’s annual plan/roadmap. It may be time for your group to refresh group roles, revisit your group norms, or update your group roster. Our participation in RESULTS is dynamic, and so what and how we wish to contribute will likely change over time. It’s exciting to see group members take on new roles and to revisit how far we’ve come together. Make room for new growth and achievements!

For those newer to RESULTS, we have a helpful New Advocate Training Series that can be shared. It includes an orientation slide deck, a training plan, and an overview of helpful basics.

Is your group wanting to strengthen ties with like-minded organizations in your community? Reach out to the Grassroots Impact Team for tips and resources being developed just for this purpose.

And don’t forget that your group is part of a region and a larger network that even spans internationally. Are you still attending your region’s Group Leader meetings? And do you and your group members have plans to attend an upcoming International Conference?

By now, we hope your group leader meetings feel comfortable and sustaining. You’re a fantastic RESULTS leader – congratulations!


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