The Delegate-Plan module introduces the foundational elements of planning group activities, making and delegating assignments, and communicating for action. Using these tools helps clarify and encourage accountability.

Your Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate effectively as leader in a way that intensifies meaning, and encourages action and accountability, and inspires.
  • Develop confidence and skill in delegating and assigning work and following up
  • Learn ways to lead group to set and manage to goals and plans and to successfully achieve results
  • Learn to communicate for action
  • Explore ways to:
    • recognize phases of group development
    • encourage learning and growth through assignments, coaching and acknowledgement
    • engage advocate group in planning and setting goals
    • hold group and group members accountable

Your Learning Sequence

Group Dynamics

Remember that when you add or lose a member of your group, you have a new group. Embrace the new talents and insights that have come into your group and foster a welcoming space in which all can feel equally heard and valued as they make choices about how to contribute and participate.

Goal-setting and Planning

Set expectations with advocates. Set individual and group goals to plan and achieve great outcomes. Ask your Regional Coordinator about the yearly roadmapping (planning) in which groups engage.

Delegation/Assuming Accountability

Match assignments to readiness of advocates. Vary advocate assignments over time to develop transferable skills and maintain interest and challenge and to build bench strength.

Welcome and Agenda for meeting


Review successes, achievements, and progress on commitments

Describe new work and collaborate to determine approach

Organize assignments going forward

Review next steps and commitments

Appreciation and thanks

Orient new advocates and provide appropriate assignments

Develop and advance advocates at increasing levels of engagement

Intentionally make or change assignments to build depth in group and progress advocate skills.

Fellow group leaders get as much out of your participation and insights as you do theirs. Utilize the group leader meetings to glean information, ask questions, coach each other, and offer support and camaraderie.

The top of the year is often a time of year for fresh calendars, fresh ideas, and fresh resolve. Use this energy to enrich your start-of-the-year plans. Watch for the annual planning guide to be shared.


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