The Lead-Practice module guides you through running and reviewing your first meeting. You will also plan ahead so that you are prepared and can focus on producing results with your group.

Your Learning Objectives:

  • Lead and review your first meeting
  • Identify specific areas for planning and improvement
  • Establish your leadership approach including communications
  • Apply your work to your first/next three meetings
  • Get to know your group members (their strengths, interests and current roles)
  • Implement your reporting process

Your Learning Sequence

  • Outline your meeting using Sample Group Meeting format. Ask the following questions: What outcomes are you seeking from this meeting? What level of group planning already exists? How can you energize and inspire the group? Include ways to acknowledge success and express appreciation.
  • Fill in the meeting plan details appropriate to this group at this time and to the partners who will attend.
  • Note your observations and any feedback to discuss with a mentor. What went well? What would you like to improve? What would you like to do differently?
  • Congratulate yourself on your courage and hard work.
  • Use the resources identified to strengthen your planning and your skills.
  • Consider how to work your goal as you lead the group.

Please ask your Regional Coordinator for the most current planning guide.

We recommend planning your meetings in as regular a rhythm as possible and as far in advance as possible.

The Facilitator’s Guide to Equitable Spaces will help you create welcoming meetings that uphold our anti-oppression values.

Contact a staff member if you aren’t certain when your region meets. Can’t make a meeting now and again? Having a proxy attend helps build depth and breadth of leadership.

Want to keep learning? We have a Training Resources page to help you keep building skills.


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